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Old 2004-07-16, 16:21   Link #1
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Newest shows

What are some of the newest 2004 series in Japan right now that are either airing or just finished airing, and that are available (not necissarily in their entirety) on fansub? I'm in the mood to watch a "new" series, where I download each episode the day it comes out, so I'm more looking for things that are current and still being fansubbed right now (even better, where not every episode is out in Japan). I don't really care genre-wise, but I don't really want anything really bad on the sex scale (I'll do fanservice, but any ecchi shows that are just created for fanservice and that actually have a fair amount of nudity, I'd try to avoid). I tried DearS, which is extremely new, but that was just an ecchi romp, and I don't want something as bad as that (and even that, if not for all of the nudity, was borderline OK).
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Old 2004-07-16, 17:32   Link #2
Fighter Volk
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Samurai 7 is a remake of the old Akira Kurosawa classic Japanese movie, done by Gonzo, a studio whose reputation consists mainly of a) beautiful CG animation and b) lots of manga-killing. Surprisingly, Samurai 7 is great so far. Instead of the usual one episode per week scheme, Samurai 7 works with a two episodes every other week scheme. Unlicensed.

KURAU Phantom Memory is a show being done by BONES, my second favorite anime studios, who've done awesome stuff such as Wolf's Rain and RahXephon. It has a really interesting story so far and will probably get even better. One episode per week. Licensed.

Otogizoushi is the newest of all of these. It looks like it will be an interesting historical drama. Licensed.

Monster is a manga adaptation of a manga by the God of Manga, Urasawa Naoki. The anime is very faithful to the manga at this point. 13 episodes have already been subbed. 15 have been aired in Japan. It's going to be 78+. It's an amazing suspense / mystery thriller, with some of the best characters and story I've ever seen.
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Old 2004-07-16, 17:40   Link #3
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Wind ~breath of heart~ is one that just started, based on a bishoujo game, but it doesn't seem to be really ecchi. The episodes are only 12 minutes though.

Girls Bravo seems like another good pick, we'll have to see, only one episode is out yet.

The Melody of Oblivion, I dunno if it stills air, but 10 out of 24-26 episodes are fansubed already, and it's worth the watch in my opinion.

I don't know about the others though, you already mentionned DearS and I will be probably following that series, but just 'cause I can deal with some minor annoying stuff like a bit too much horny teacher and such.
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Old 2004-07-16, 17:45   Link #4
Back From The Dead?
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I second KURAU Phantom Memory, I've only seen the first episode and read a couple articles about it in newtype, sounds like it will be a great show. And coming from Bones (everything I've watched of theirs is amazing) I wouldn't doubt it.

You might also want to check out Ninin ga Shinobu-den (hasn't been subbed yet - very very new) and Galaxy Angel 4th season

some pics of ninin ga shinobu-den

some pics of Galaxy Angel 4th

<all images are from Momotato Daioh anime blog>
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