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Old 2004-07-22, 21:16   Link #1
Fighter Volk
Thanks sakurabatou @ LJ
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: NYC
The Best (and Worst) Anime Studios

So - what are your three favorite anime studios? Please explain why you picked each studio and why it's rated thus, etc. Would be helpful if you provided some well-known series/movies they've done.

1. Studio Ghibli - Hands down. No other studio ever has, and I doubt ever will, touch this studio, going strong since the 1970's. It is home to the two greatest anime directors I've ever heard of - Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata. The animation is always beautiful, even in the oldest movies. A lot of the music is done by Joe Hisaishi, my favorite anime composer. Princess Mononoke, Grave of the Fireflies, My Neighbor Totoro

2. Studio BONES - These guys are pretty new to the anime scene as an individual studio. Everything that they have done is amazing. The only series of theirs I have not seen is Mech Romance Hiwou, which got licensed at this year's expo. Their stories are deep and always interesting, their characters multi-dimensional, and their animation is always fluid and, in general, lovely. Pretty good music in most series as well. Fullmetal Alchemist, RahXephon, Scrapped Princess

3. Gonzo Digimation - Okay. Some people may stare at me in shock because of this one. I admit, they've done some donwright horrid stuff (most of their manga adaptations come to mind). However, two things that go in their favor are a) excellent, excellent animation and b) if they do something good, then it's INCREDIBLE. Gantz, Chrno Crusade, and Hellsing, for instance, were awful for manga adaptations. I've really enjoyed Last Exile and FFU, though, two original stories. And their newest work, Samurai 7, is turning out to be one of the best series of 2004. Full Metal Panic!, Last Exile, Hellsing

Your turn!
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Old 2004-07-22, 21:18   Link #2
Flame warrior
Join Date: Jun 2004
Age: 30
Production IG,Production IG,and Production IG.

Did I mention Production IG?

I like how Production IG does things.It has a wide variety of shows that range from the Realistic(GITS:SAC and the movie come in mind + Jin-Roh!),to the comedy(Azumanga Daioh),and everything else in between(Madlax).They'd be my choice if I ever wanted to create an anime based on a gaming universe and the like.Plus they seem to work with other studios on almost everything.In short,I like it,so there

I'd mention Beetrain,but that's part of Production IG as well .

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Old 2004-07-22, 21:34   Link #3
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: The moon :)
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Clamp= Chobits
Gonzo=Chrono Crusade
and Elf Studios=We owe elf for isaku or shusaku and Immoral sisters Season 1 and 2 and Word Worth
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Old 2004-07-22, 21:43   Link #4
Bishoujo Goodness Galore!
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Stuck Between Reality and Fantasy
JC Staff: Puni Puni Poemii, Maburaho, Azumanga Daioh, Excel Saga
Gainax: Mahoromatic, Evangelion, Konomini, FLCL
Gonzo: Last Exile, Kiddy Grade, Bakuten, Full Metal Panic, and Kaleido Star

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Old 2004-07-22, 21:56   Link #5
annoying white bat
Join Date: Jan 2004
Studio: Madhouse
Favorite titles:
Card Captor Sakura, CCS The Movie, CCS Movie 2
Di Gi Charat, Di Gi Charat SS2K, Di Gi Charat Christmas Special, Di Gi Charat Movie
Mahou Shoujo Neko Taruto
Mahou Tsukai Tai! OAV
Mujin Wakusei Survive
Patlabor WXIII Movie
Sakura Taisen TV
Sekushi Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo! Masaru-san
Madhouse delivers excellent characterization. Their shows look great and have great music.

Studio: GAINAX
Favorite titles:
The Royal Space Force--Wings of Honneamise
Top o Nerae! (GunBuster)
Shin Seiki Evangelion
Kareshi Kanojo no Jijyou (His and Her Circumstances)
GAINAX used to put up some great titles back in the day... They are more of an all-time favorite than a studio I am interested in right now.

Studio: Pierrot
Favorite titles:
Juuni Kokki
Ayashi no Ceres
Kimagure Orange Road TV, OAV, Movie (Ano hi ni kaeritai)
Mahou no Stage Fancy Lala
Pierrot has also seen better days, but their older mahou shoujo series are pretty hard to beat even now.
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Old 2004-07-22, 22:36   Link #6
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: Looking for his book...
For the all time favorite animation studio position, I too must pick Studio Ghibli. I absolutely love their wonderful stories, music and the wonderful artwork that accompanies them. Their works have depth, beauty and more imagination than one would assume. Every movie, TV spot, OVA and series they've turned out is always superior to their last, they continue to create impressive works even after 25 years.

Next would be Gainax. Starting out with no real animation experience (Daicon animations aside...) they landed one of the largest single production budgets ever at the time and debuted with one of the most original, breath-taking and wonderful movies in years. They've taken animation and story telling to new heights many would dred to look down from. Creating uniquely original series that take the viewers on rides of almost unequalled imagination and creativity.

Lastly, a virtually unheard of company, Seizo Watase's APPLE FARM. They're few works are nothing overly spectacular, modest character designs and simple animations. Despite the simple feel of their works, I'm always impressed with the feelings and emotions within them. Not to mention their excelent taste in music.
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Old 2004-07-22, 22:55   Link #7
Hail to the Sky~
Join Date: Jun 2004
Age: 33
Kitty Films-

Long out of business. Excluding Inu-Yasha, I believe they've handled just about every Rumiko Takahashi work (Ranma and Urusei Yatsura I know for sure, and also Maison Ikkoku, Rumic Theatre, and Mermaid Saga I can say with some certainty [but don't quote me on that ;p])

Though I've only seen FLCL and the Daicon Films currently. (Am saving up to buy NGE though ;v)

Hmm.. can't really say I have a third fave...
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Old 2004-07-22, 23:19   Link #8
spontaneous comedian
Join Date: May 2003
Location: Jakarta
Age: 33
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J.C Staff, then Deen, KSS-Inc and BeeTrain, the rest are mostly title based preference instead of studio based.

Gonzo at the bottom list, mainly because they usually got opposite preference of story theme to made into anime from this one audience ^^;
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Old 2004-07-22, 23:22   Link #9
Aoi Tenshi
Join Date: Apr 2003
Location: Boston
Send a message via AIM to Aoi Tenshi
JC Staff
Gonzo Digimation

Cool stuff from those studios
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Old 2004-07-22, 23:53   Link #10
Join Date: Nov 2003
Age: 29
Send a message via AIM to hobobaggins
Gonzo- last exile... the starting... i cant get over it.,
Gainax- green green did it for me

and these are the only 2 studios i recognize by name.
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Old 2004-07-23, 00:03   Link #11
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: オースチン, テキサス州, 米国
Age: 34
Studio Ghibli for movies and Studio Bones for TV animation

I've seen almost all of Bones' series, many of them are my favorites, like Wolf's Rain, Scrapped Princess, RahXephon, and Fullmetal Alchemist. Indeed, these 4 will probably in my all-time top 10. Bones' current projects like Kurau and Kenran Butoh Sai are also promising and can easily rank in my top 10 this year when they're done.

If you have watch any of the Bones' series, you could definitely pick out a distinct trait of Bones' style from it. I don't know how to describe in words, but their animation looks so pleasant to my eyes, they are also very consistent, sharp, and smooth. In addition to animation style, Bones' series have intriguing stories to back them up. Also, in my opinion, Bones created some of the finest looking female anime characters.
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Old 2004-07-23, 01:11   Link #12
Join Date: Jun 2004
I don't really know much about the studios, but atleast I like these.

Samurai 7, Chrno Crusade, Vandread, Full Metal Panic!, Last Exile

Scrapped Princess, Fullmetal Alchemist, Kurau

Manglobe INC:
Samurai Champloo
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Old 2004-07-23, 06:39   Link #13
Fighter Volk
Thanks sakurabatou @ LJ
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: NYC
I was expecting people to say Gainax. I myself have only seen FLCL, and while I enjoyed it, it was not enough to bring the studio up anywhere on my favorites list.

Ghibli is the one I have always been loyal to and always will be loyal to; however, I am ashamed to say I have not yet seen Ocean Waves, Cat Returns, or My Neighbors the Yamadas, but it's nice to know that there's still some unwatched Ghibli waiting for me out there.

Also, as expected - Gonzo is either hated or adored. Samurai 7 (so far) and Last Exile are just so damn amazing, and a lot of their other stuff I've enjoyed as well, so it secured third place for now...

Mr. Paper - can you give me some examples of what Apple Farm has worked on?

I'm glad at least some people here know how awesome Bones is. The best thing about them, though, is their storytelling. I understand Scrapped Princess is not an original work, but RahXephon, Wolf's Rain, Mars Daybreak, and Kurau are all excellent. The Fullmetal Alchemist anime I like more than the manga. The anime generally follows the manga but as of late has taken its own, completely different route, and has developed things much differently than the manga, and imo has done it better overall.
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Old 2004-07-23, 07:34   Link #14
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: The Fields of High Attus
Age: 28
Okay, let's see...

Production I.G.
Otogizoushi is really... yes. They also lend assistance to many studios in production of anime (e.g. a lot of the inbetweens and colouring for Azumanga Daioh - some of the colouring was wonderful, IMO).
Don't forget GITS and Jin-Roh. They really are something.

Studio Bones
Scrapped Princess was pretty good - I really liked the art. Bones is very strong at generally consistent character designs. Very good character designs, too. They are quite special. For example, Pacifica's curls... I somehow cannot forget those curls.
KURAU is of course amazing, some awesome animation in the first episode, and are their character designs AMAZING OR NOT?! And Kenran too, even though it's perfectly mediocre planning and storywise, it's a GOOD saturday morning cartoon-like anime. Plus the character designs... and the really nice 3D stuff... T___T

Studio Ghibli
For crissake, everyone's said it. We all need to pay homage to Ghibli.

I still harbour a muttering dislike for Studio DEEN for what they did to Kenshin after the Kyoto Arc and also the Reflections OVA. I don't really like most of their works and their animation has always seemed mediocre to me. BUT, they have redeemed themselves with Maria-sama ga Miteru and the awesome Trust and Betrayal OVA.
Thanks for the fish
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Old 2004-07-23, 12:43   Link #15
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: Looking for his book...
Originally Posted by Fighter Volk
Mr. Paper - can you give me some examples of what Apple Farm has worked on?
It's rather hard to give examples of their work, especially since not one of their works has ever been fansubbed. Their most notable animation is probably the 'Heart Cocktail' series that ran from late '86 to early '88. Some of their other works are:

Heart Cocktail Again
Scene of Heart Imagination I, II & III
Memories '89 to '98

More than that, Apple Farm also does manga and gallery artwork. Personally, once the DVDs arrive (they're currently backlisted), I'm hoping to release a few of their works. -.-

Apple Farm -
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Old 2004-07-23, 13:48   Link #16
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Finland
To me there are three G's - Ghibli, Gainax, Gonzo

Studio Ghibli - There is no way you could talk anime without mentioning Ghibli, its movies are simply masterpieces.
Nausicaš of Valley of the Wind, Grave of the Fireflies, Porco Rosso and Spirited Away.

Gainax - Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the reasons I am addicted to anime.
Wings of Honneamise, This Ugly and Beatiful World, FLCL

Gonzo Digimation - Stories are not always top class, but when it comes to action and humor, no one does it better.
Last Exile, Full Metal Panic!, Saishuuheiki Kanojo, Vandread
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Old 2004-07-23, 14:11   Link #17
/Ultimate Magic Attack!!!
Join Date: Feb 2004
Location: Time Warp/Future
Hmm... I think a lot of people will argue that studio is not really that important as the director and the talents behind the anime... but anyway...

Madhouse Production - Boogiepop Phantom, Perfect Blue, Paranoia Agent, GunGrave, Gunslinger Girl, Metropolis, TEXHNOLYZE...

XEBEC - Mobile Battleship Nadesico and Stellvia of the Universe. It produces less anime overall but I just love the above two.

SUNRISE - Err... this is a LONG one, Gundam Z, 0080, V, X, Turn A, 08th MS, Overman, Infinite Ryvius, Cowboy Bebop, Scryed, Vision of Escaflowne, ZOE, Big O, Samurai Troopers, etc. etc.
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Old 2004-07-23, 18:19   Link #18
El Diablo
Senior Member
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Age: 30
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Its interesting that so many people have listed Gainax, i haven't liked anything they've done very much (although i haven't seen much by them).

Madhouse would probably be my favourite. Monster is probably my favourite manga, and the anime is very close to it. I also love Lunge's voice ~_~.

I'd say Bones would probably be next, mainly because i think i've watched more of their stuff than anyone elses.......

I'm not sure who would fit here, since i don't really remember enough other studios works to fit here. There are lots i like, but aside from Production I.G., i don't remember what they worked on. >_>. So Production I.G. get this spot by default. I also loved the animation style used in Kill Bill for that section of the first film.
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Old 2004-10-08, 12:25   Link #19
Junior Member
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Greatest/Favorite Anime Studio

there are some really good anime studios out there who create some of the best. Im just curious what all your favorites are and why. IMO, it's gotta be Studio Ghibli by far. They've produced some of the most original and captivating anime i've ever seen. They also created Toroto - what more can i say
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Old 2004-10-08, 13:16   Link #20
Chii ?
Join Date: Jun 2003
Location: Denmark
While I agree that Ghibli created some of the most beautiful animated movies made, I also think they specialize too much in family movies. They are good and well-made, but there are few Ghibli movies that I feel like watching more then once. Actually, I think i miss the old Miyazaki, who made Nausicaa and Laputa.

4 Year ago, I would have said Gainax, since they created some of the most impressive and inspiring anime titles ever. But lately, they seem to have lost the magic that made shows such as NGE, KKNJ and FLCL.

So now I am a didicated Gonzo fan. While they may not produce the most stunning shows, they do have a lot going for them and many of my favorites the last 4 years came from them. But mainly i like Gonzo because they went from being unknown 5 years ago, to becoming the most productive animation studio in Japan.

On a side note, while most Clamp shows did little for me, i will always love them for Chobits.
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