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Old 2004-10-08, 15:50   Link #21
annoying white bat
Join Date: Jan 2004
Originally Posted by megumidk
On a side note, while most Clamp shows did little for me, i will always love them for Chobits.
I, on the other hand, enjoyed CLAMP series such as Tokyo Babylon, Card Captor Sakura and X -- but Madhouse is the animation production studio for these series and others I have enjoyed such as Sakura Taisen TV.

This thread is a lot like this old one.
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Old 2004-10-08, 15:56   Link #22
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Originally Posted by megumidk
But lately, they seem to have lost the magic that made shows such as NGE, KKNJ and FLCL.
I agree, but there are some behind stories for that.

First of all, GAiNAX was a club (hmm... more like a doujin group) made by armateur otakus, and STILL it's an armateur group. (they call themselves armateur For ex: ppl in gainax think Anno is an armateur who has skills of pro)

After a huge failure of RoyalSpaceForce, (even though it got the best anime award of that year) director Yamaga steps out and Anno grabs the megaphone. Then made anime like Gunbuster(selected as [one of] the best OVA of 20th century), Nadia(best audience rate among all gainax anime), NGE(no need to explain)... etc etc

Later, Anno fights with Tsuda(original creator/mangaka of Karekano) and leaves his seat: he stops directing anime (but he is back this year, he directed "Re:CutieHoney")

Yamaga comes back, Gainax opens 'GX market,' and let more armateurs/otakus to join their studio

GAiNAX is not a huge studio/company that makes anime, it's just a club where people who love anime can join in and make anime... because of that, Gainax makes whole bunch of anime that is not good as NGE kind, but anime they can make easily and enjoy (and of course, anime that they can get some sponsers and supports... since it is a hobby which needs a lot of money)

Let's see what they've made since 1995 (I excluded some minors like 'Ebichu')
Eva - EoE - KKNJ - FLCL - Mahoro - Mahoro2 - Abeno - Konomini - Melody of Oblivion - re:CutieHoney - Top2 - (and next year, ) Bushilord - Gonyogonyo - This person is my master

They have 14 anime since 1995, but only 3 of them are originally made by Gainax. (Eva, FLCL, Abeno)

Others? Basically, they are fun-fun-films directed by Yamaga or sponsered anime for unknown armateur staffs

- KKNJ : everything was good, but it crashes down after Anno quits directing KKNJ around ep14~15
- Mahoro : famous 'maid' manga animated - and as they expected, they made a lot of money with this...
- Mahoro 2 : make more money
- Konomini : this anime has almost nothing to do with Gainax, 99% of it is made by a studio called 'SHAFT' and they just used Gainax's name value... and yes, I bet they increased its audience rate by 10x just with the name of Gainax (and fans blamed on gainax for not making an anime that can't really satisfy them)
- Melody of Oblivion : JCStaff worked on this like Shaft worked on Konomini, Gainax has almost nothing to do with this... Y.S.'s 'Aiba machine' design? but this is an animated series, it did have its design years ago...

unlike other studios, Gainax has a lot of behind stories and weird stuffs going on behind them, and groups inside of Gainax are complicated : sometimes they make their own doujinshis of their own anime, ppl go like: "WTF? Gainax is a F**ked up weirdo" but if ppl treat them as individual, not Gainax, it's easier to understand them

If you enjoyed Eva, KKNJ which are directed by Anno, try re:Cutie honey
If you enjoyed FLCL which is directed by Kazuya, try "Top wo Nerae 2"

I bet you'll enjoy them

**ps: All my hopes about Gainax are depending on 'Top wo Nerae 2' since it's the only 'original Gainax anime' between 2000~2004 except Abeno...
(from 1995:Eva-FLCL-Abeno-Top2) FLCL & Abeno are made for minor groups with some 'personal' purposes... and Top2 is the only one that Gainax is giving all their hope and pride on.
I hope Top2 to pull up the fame of Gainax like 10 years ago
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Old 2004-10-08, 17:05   Link #23
Join Date: May 2004
Gonzo Digimation.

Best animation, Best originality, Best Innovation.

Runner up: Ghibli.
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Old 2004-10-08, 17:19   Link #24
Back From The Dead?
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Bee-Train (made some of my favorite series ever), JC (just good), Studio DEEN (animation for Get Backers was beyond amazing.)
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Old 2004-10-09, 00:58   Link #25
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I personally thought MoO was planned primarily by Gainax (which explains why it [seems to] differ much from the manga and has so many abstract and odd elements in it) and the technical stuff like animation and actually producing the anime was left to J.C. Staff. I might be wrong of course.

Let's see, my favourite animation studio... maybe Production I.G.? I just *love* their general animation skills and such. I'm in love with the way they do their shading. It's so amazing!

I dunno. BeeTrain is... well I've only seen Madlax and Noir from them, I loved the production quality of Noir but not of Madlax. I don't like Studio DEEN. Bones I kinda like but at the same time I'm not sure... I generally don't like Gonzo because they seem too flashy for me, it's like... they have great skills but don't know how to utilize it without overdoing it.
Hmm, I'm really not qualified to make an opinion...
Thanks for the fish
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Old 2004-10-09, 02:14   Link #26
Kurumada's lost child
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It's gotta be TOEI Animation, one of the first anime studios, and Studio Ghibli.

TOEI Animation has produced part of the most famous anime in the world, such as Sailor moon, Saint Seiya, Candy Candy, Slayers, Dragon Ball, Mazinger, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Transformers, Kinnikuman, Digimon, One piece... and the list goes on and on...

As for Studio Ghilbli well... Everything is good, Future boy conan (Watch it if you haven't! download from animesuki), Grave of fireflies. Totoro, LAPUTA, Valley of the wind... It is Hayao Miyasaki after all.

Let me quote this from an article I found:

Toei Animation Co., Ltd., was established in 1956, but its inception dates back to the merger of Japan Animation Co., Ltd. with Toei Company, Ltd. in 1948. The current studio was built in Tokyo's Higashi Oizumi district at the end of 1956 and production started in 1957. As early as 1958, the first feature animation called The White Snake, which won numerous international film festival awards, was released. Since then, Toei Animation has been the leader in Japanese animation, releasing to the world many features and TV shows. It would not be an exaggeration to say that there are hardly any Japanese who spent their childhood not going crazy over Toei's animes.

Especially recently, Toei Animation has produced many TV animes which are broadcast abroad. Sailormoon, Galaxy Express 999, Dragonball, Dragonball Z, Saint Seiya and Ken, the Great Bear Fist....these names are well known to children all over the world.

Toei Animation has also contributed to the animation industry by nurturing talents. For instance, Mr. Hayao Miyazaki (Kiki's Delivery Service, My Neighbor Totoro, The Princess Mononoke) and Mr. Isao Takahata (Grave of the Fireflies, Memories of Yesterday, The Raccoon War) of Studios Ghibli once worked for Toei Animation.
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Old 2004-10-09, 02:29   Link #27
I can see time itself!
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Easily Sunrise, and GONZO.

Just look at all the projects Sunrise has been involved in, even excluding Gundam they have a lot of good shows on their resume like Layzner, Votoms, Big O, Cowboy Bebop, Dirty Pair Flash, Inuyasha, Sergeant Frog, Infinite Ryvius, PatLabor, Outlaw Star, Escaflowne... The list goes on. They've also made über-cool kiddie Transformer-esqué shows like Brave Express Might Gaine and such. Trains are cool!

And for GONZO... Well, they may not make the best shows but they sure do some of the most enjoyable, at least for me.
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Old 2004-10-09, 03:46   Link #28
now with 20% more ego!
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Studio Ghilbli and Production I.G
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Old 2004-10-09, 04:58   Link #29
~defying fate
Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Bodhum
Gonzo, Bones and Bee-Train~
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Old 2004-10-09, 08:17   Link #30
~Tee hee hee~
Join Date: Feb 2004
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Studio Ghibli all the way!
They just have this magic in all their movies that captivates and holds you, there's no other way to describe it.
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Old 2004-10-09, 14:47   Link #31
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Gonzo, Bee Train , Bones and Toei Animation
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Old 2004-10-09, 15:06   Link #32
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2004

GONZO, Ghibli and Genco
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Old 2004-10-09, 17:58   Link #33
Senior Member
Join Date: Apr 2004
The only studio I'm a fan of is bones. I have also liked several titles done by Studio Pierrot, but while they have done alot of popular titles, they don't stand out much in terms of animation. Gonzo would have also been on my list if they didn't overdo the CGs on vandread and have a story behind the stuff they're animating(not that I can really fault them, but it disappoints me somewhat to see a good studio animating mediocre mangas).
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Old 2004-10-09, 20:48   Link #34
Junior Member
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Definitely Ghibli

Theres no way of getting sick of their films.
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Old 2004-10-09, 21:01   Link #35
Doremi-fansubs founder
Join Date: Mar 2004
Well Ghibli for making the best anime movies

Toei for making Kanon, Naruto and the soon to be best anime of 2005: AIR!!!

BONES for making fullmetal alchemist


AGE for making Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien

Broccoli and Madhouse for making the best man-shojo shows ever Pita ten and Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar!!!
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Old 2004-10-09, 23:01   Link #36
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GAINAX used to be my favorite but they've resorted to generic fanservice shows now.

My favorite now is either Madhouse or BONES.
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Old 2007-12-16, 13:31   Link #37
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Greatest/Favorite Anime Studio

dont know if there is a thread like this (over 100 pages)
but i would like to hear your say on this

mine is kyo-ani (kyoto you dont already know)
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Old 2007-12-16, 13:39   Link #38
Kaioshin Sama
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There is no such thing.
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Old 2007-12-16, 13:44   Link #39
The Chaos
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Well There is Studio Pierrot
they Produce Naruto & Bleach...the best Animes ever made...

And Sunrise There Good Anime Come out..(All Gundam Series + Code Geass + Inuyasha) ..

But this The first time hearing About kyoto animations
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Old 2007-12-16, 13:48   Link #40
Knight Hawk
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Originally Posted by bladeofdarkness
dont know if there is a thread like this
Greatest/Favorite Anime Studio

Which studio has the most rabid fanbase?
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