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Desperately trying to find lyrics for a few anime songs...

There are three songs in particular I'm talking about:

Yuu, sung by the now disbanded group NoR - This song is the OP for Legend of Condor Hero

Blasa, sung by Yae - This song is the ED for Legend of Condor hero. An alternate spelling of the title is Blása.

For the two above songs, I have lyrics for the TV edits only from both internet resources and the actualy digisubs. After months of searching for lyrics, I have been unable to find any mention of the full song lyrics other than deleted posts on forums.

Memory, sung by Kakijima Shinji - This one is pretty tricky, because there are two versions of the song. One version of the song is sung in Japanese, and was the original release. The version that appeared in the television series SOUL TAKER was an English translation, as in it was sung by Kakijima Shinji is very, very bad english.

The version of Memory I need lyrics for is the version that is played in Soul Taker, which is the ED and in English.

Now, I have found singles available for EVERY song on this list, which obviously contains the lyrics for the songs I need, but, being as old as they are, are ridiculously expensive and I'd rather not pay such an exorbitant fee for song lyrics.

Coincidentally, this is actually the one year anniversary of me beginning my quest for Memory lyrics. I first posted right here with the results of my search, and, after searching through the archive, I managed to find the old thread I made. Rather than link to an archive that probably shouldn't have been linked to in the first place, here are the contents of the thread:

Originally Posted by boneyjellyfish
I've checked all over the place but I can't seem to find lyrics for the ending theme to Soul Taker. I've done a google search and I've also checked, but I can only find the lyrics for the intro song.

Can anybody help me out?
Originally Posted by okashi
I dont know the specific song youre asking for but why not look at the intro for the anime that the song belongs to? The song lyrics are usually displayed in "karaoke mode"... Im probably stating something super-obvious here, but just for the heck of it you know... Wink
Originally Posted by boneyjellyfish
I've checked both my DVDs and digisubs of Soul Taker but neither show lyrics for the ending theme because it's in english. Apparently everybody thought that because the lyrics were in english you could hear them easily... but it's just not the case (like Hellsing's intro Logos Naki World).

The song is called "Memory", and it is the ending theme to Soul Taker.
Originally Posted by boneyjellyfish
Status Report:

After some serious internet probing, using multiple search engines, I have found that the writer is none other than Mieno Hitomi, who has done numerous anime songs. The voicework is done by Kakijimi Shinji (never heard of him).

I have found one link that could relate to it but I can neither understand japanese nor do I even have the font installed.
You can find it here.

There is something about Soul Taker on the second point.
I've also found another website that MIGHT have something related (according to the information google provides under the links). However, by the time I found it the bandwidth limit had been exceeded.

You can find it here.
Originally Posted by boneyjellyfish
Status Report:

After another hour of internet probing, I have found success! Now, let's look at those lyrics...

Wait a second... those aren't the lyrics! *listens to the ending song again*

Impossible! How can those be the lyrics when I have the japanese raw on my computer that CLEARLY has english lyrics? I suppose it's possible that, since it's a japanese website, the people running it translated the english lyrics to japanese... but why would they then also use romaji?

Well, I've tried google, altavista, lycos, excite, infoseek, yahoo, and yahooligans... but not one of them have given me any correct lyrics. I managed to check out the website I posted above that had the bandwidth problems but it didn't contain anything I didn't already know.


Back to work, I guess.
Yeah, so that was a triple-post. Big deal!

Anyway, my reward for finding any of these lyrics is simple: I will, in exchange, attempt to find any song lyrics that you are searching for. I'll do anything from REVERSE (sung in Nurse Witch Komugi-chan) to MIZUIRO (the OP from the game). Good luck, and please don't close this thread!
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