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Old 2004-08-05, 13:57   Link #1
Nolan Void
Discordian Game Designer
Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Texas
Age: 44
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Cool Anyone interested in being in manga/anime?

I am developing a project which combines gaming and manga/anime.

if you participate, and move the plot along. you may be put into a manga/anime based on the project, the manga should be done every two months, and the anime 2x a year or more.

basically it gives cosplayers/fanboys/fangirls a chance to live thier hobby.

if your interested, drop me a line. Although this will be in Japan, I am interested in people to beta the rules, and help close loopholes.

Nolan Void KSC.
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Old 2004-08-05, 19:27   Link #2
Senior Member
Join Date: Apr 2003
Could you maybe give a little more detaisl because im sure some people in these board would be interested.
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Old 2004-08-05, 21:28   Link #3
Nolan Void
Discordian Game Designer
Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Texas
Age: 44
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No problem!

I created a web log for my game, It has two versions of the rules, one in PDF, one in Word., and a handbook for those interested in creating a chapter.

All suggestions and ideas should be posted there, for all to see, that way group input will make it a better product.

It is a LARP (Live action roleplay) it gives the cosplayer community a great place to interact, as well as gamers. if you hear LARP and think vampire then forget that image. My game is not like that.

Even if you arent interested in playing, input on the rules are still requested.

Here is the premise.

1) create chapters around Japan
2) with dues and game fees, purchase some land ( possibly several places around Japan, for remote locations/ and other places in the game world.)
3) build several small 'villages" and interesting places to visit on the land, essentially making a roleplay theme park.
4)once it gets popular I have a mangaka and possibly some animators willing to start producing manga and anime that covers the plotline, and the characters that influence it. ( so if you get famous in the game, for whatever means, you have a chance to be in the manga/anime. )

Tell me, If you had an opportunity to play in this sort of environment, and be in anime/ manga, wouldnt you jump? I thought so. This is why I think my project will succeed.

Nolan Void's LARP Blog

I apologize if all the links arent working just yet, I am working on it now.

Nolan Void
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