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Old 2007-07-06, 15:39   Link #241
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the rest of Suzuka and Air Gear make for some drama
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Old 2007-07-06, 16:04   Link #242
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Everytime I come up with another great manga and I am soooo dying to see it animated... So in total

- Kare First Love
- Fruits Basket(the rest of it)
- Koukou Debut (great manga series, Yoh makes me laugh in the way he reacts)
- MARS(I can't understand why the made it only in live action series... This manga soooooooo deserves to be animated...One of the greatest stories I have read in my whole life. If i could I would turn it in an anime in no time!)
- Kaichou wa maid-sama.(I haven't read all of it as it still ongoing but by the looks of it seems pretty good. I would love to see tha characters of this animates)

Yeah I know they are all romantic shoujo but hey, who said that I;m not a sucker for this kind of stories?Anyway I believe that the series above would definitely be loved by the fans if they were animated too...
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Old 2007-07-06, 17:02   Link #243
Noyemi K
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Crossbone Gundam. It was awesome, and had units that were supposed to be in F91 but weren't included, such as the RGM-122 Javelin and RGM-119 Jamesgun.
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Old 2007-08-01, 20:19   Link #244
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Originally Posted by aki/kaze/shi View Post
I'd love to see Hibiki's Magic as an anime, but I doubt it will, and only has like one volume. Maybe a movie. It'd be cute.^^
The manga so far has two volumes published, and it's still being serialized in Comp Ace, so don't give up hope yet. I too would want a Hibiki's Magic anime, and maybe after the third volume gets published an anime may get produced, I hope.

Another manga I'd want to see animated would be Pretty Face which I think would be a big hit, even though it's pretty old by now. And then there's The Day of Revolution, though that one's pretty old too.
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Old 2007-08-01, 20:22   Link #245
Fly in the Sky
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I would like to see Yotsubato and Hana-Kimi animated! Hana-Kimi has a drama series, but I want an anime series. I highly think that if Yotsubato was made into an anime, it would be as successful as Azumanga Daioh was.
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Old 2007-08-03, 19:33   Link #246
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Coconut tree
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Old 2007-08-05, 21:05   Link #247
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I really have to say I would like to see Alice 19th get animated.
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Old 2007-08-06, 09:11   Link #248
Without Love
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Provided when the manga is finished..I think it will be one.
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Old 2007-08-06, 18:10   Link #249
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I would probably choose Aoi house, Pastel and the chapters 73+ of suzuka.

AOi House becasue its very funny. Fanservice and little bit of romance.

Pastel because the main lead isn't completley worthless. has a spine and is a great cook. Good fanservice and good harem where the guy likes someone and sticks to liking her.

Suzuka be its awesome.
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Old 2007-08-07, 11:21   Link #250
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Fairy Tail
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Old 2007-08-09, 09:53   Link #251
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(Disclaimer: I use my reasoning to decide if something is likely to be animated, but I may have the wrong idea because I'm not aware of all the real factors, so let me know if you disagree, then I'll learn something.) Here are some (IMO) realistic possibilities for manga I'd love to see animated:

#1 - Mx0 - Hands down. This is a fast-paced action series full of ecchi, comedy, romance, and really nice+creative art. It'd be the #1 anime of the season on AnimeSuki, when it came out.
There's ~75 chapters out now, so that should be able to make two seasons' worth, but I don't think they should do like they did with Tsubasa Chronicle because this story has much better continuity (and they certainly shouldn't do like they did with Naruto/Bleach and attempt filler), so I think they should wait a couple more years (until they can animate the entire story).
#2 - Sekirei - Really nice art, and yes, quite a bit of fan service. I'm hearing in the AS thread that it's well on its way to being an anime, and I'm totally unsurprised.
#3 - Rosario+Vampire - It's shounen, but it's creative, the art is very nice, the characters are cool. The plot sort of emulates "freak of the week" and is dismissed by a lot of people, but although I've only read into volume 3 (volumes 4-9 haven't been scanlated yet) I can tell with certainty that it'll make an excellent anime.
Edit 8/11/07: Okay, it's already set to be an anime, coming out 2008. o.o
#4 - Black God - Another story which is excellent all-around. If Sekirei = 70% ecchi + 30% action, then Black God = 30% ecchi + 70% action. Both are unique stories with a lot of appeal and a quick pace that would work well for anime.
#5 - Id - OK, I know I said I was trying to be realistic, but what I meant was realistic in that I believe these shows will do well, not realistic in that the production companies will realize it, too. ;_; Since Id isn't published in Japanese, the chances of this becoming an anime are... quite slim, aren't they? ;_;
This series is not too fast-paced, but it has potential to be beautiful once it's animated. Everyone who reads it says it's addictive, I'm sure the same will be true of the anime. The art and the action are some of the best I've seen. Parts which aren't action are usually intrigue or comic interactions.
Spoiler for Id v3 (by KMTS):
Well, if they can animate Shining Tears x Wind, I have hope for Id. ._.
#6 Unbalance x Unbalance - Good art, a story that's full of ecchi, relationship drama, school life, romance between students and hot teacher(s?)... With so many plot twists, and such a well-done storyline, I'm sure people would be into it.

Others I took into consideration are:
- Hitomi no Catoblepas, Mirai Nikki, B. Reaction, all shounen or shounen-like with potential to be enjoyed as anime, but none I personally would look forward to a whole lot;
- Eden, but the pacing is rather odd and it may be a bit too seinen at times, so it's unlikely to be allotted the # of episodes it'd need to tell the full story, I'd say;
- Vampire Knight, but I somehow have the feeling that it may be just a bit too "shoujo" to do well, if that makes sense;
- Ubel Blatt, but I'm not as impressed by it as I used to be and I'm not sure how the story overall will look when I've read further;
- Yotsubato, but I'm not sure if the show will be picked up like Azumanga Daioh without a school life setting;
- 20th Century Boys, but the pacing is of course very unusual so I'm not sure if it'd work well in an anime format;
- and the rest of Fruits Basket, but I think I read an interview where the mangaka, or someone who had discussed it with the mangaka, said they thought the anime was complete as-is and they felt it'd be a bad idea to animate more.

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Old 2007-08-10, 02:27   Link #252
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Fairy Tail defiantly but not until it gets are least 150 chapters
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Old 2007-08-10, 16:54   Link #253
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I'd like to see Vampire Knight animated, though there's only about 3 volumes out right now.

Maybe they will once it gets a couple more volumes.
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Old 2007-08-10, 18:10   Link #254
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Rosario-Vampire after the first 3 volumes which are "freak of the week" it becomes very intense. Not to dismiss the first 3 volumes because it has a lot of character development.

And the rest of Air Gear and Suzuka would be the best.
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Old 2007-08-11, 15:47   Link #255
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Location: Miami, FL
Age: 33
I have quite a bunch of manga that I'd like to see turned into anime. Realistically though, I'd like to see Yotsubato (many people do, I wouldn't be surprised at all if it happened soon) Tuxedo Gin, and Tail of the Moon.

Oh, and the rest of Inuyasha. Oh, please, please let it be! (ToT) What I wouldn't give to see chapters 467-471 of the manga animated!!!
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Old 2007-08-11, 16:16   Link #256
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MX0 would be a great anime; the main character is one of the better ones out there. I think that Sekiri would also be good. It just cracks me up. Mars would be a good one; right up there with Honey and Clover.
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Old 2007-08-12, 20:58   Link #257
horo fan
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hana kimi can't think of any others.
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Old 2007-08-13, 08:01   Link #258
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Age: 27
Skip beat, easily Theme similar to Full Moon with comedy twist.

High School of the Dead, obviously not now since not many chapter have come out but it would be "fun" to watch, if not release an ep every few months.
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Old 2007-08-13, 14:12   Link #259
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Vampire Knight, Dazzle, Skip Beat
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Old 2007-08-14, 06:56   Link #260
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Sekirei and UnbalanceX2

Just grrrr........

Also a new Tenjou-Tenge anime would be cool.........
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