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Old 2009-01-16, 04:09   Link #161
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I just finished this series. Watching the cast fumble about over both Megumi and trying to find the balance between being a man and being an idiot is lots of fun. There's plenty to like about the show...

The fighting got on my nerves as the show progressed though, the show would be better without most of it:

'Being accosted by random thugs' is used way too much. I can suspend reality to a point, but seriously: How many totally random scumholes can you run into in one lifetime? Is it impossible for two people to meet and bond without being assaulted by street punks? Is there a secret society who's goal is to bring people together through random acts of violence? XD

As much as I enjoy a righteous buttwhupping, some of the more serious situations needed closure that our heroes thoroughly fail at. They walk away from every conflict thinking 'We kicked your ass, so everything's settled... just don't try to assault, kidnap, murder, rape, or psychologically torment us again!' They never press charges for extremely serious crimes to protect other people in the future. Or (if stopping someone legally is too unmanly...) gain some kind of leverage that would keep the same people from doing the same thing over and over again...

I guess it sounds like I'm bashing Tenshi na Konamaiki, which isn't the case. The series is extremely enjoyable. The comedy and characters are good, the fighting I could do without, but overall I recommend it. =D
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