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Old 2004-08-10, 10:00   Link #41
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lwl12 - I have to say that I have never enjoyed my experiences on Amtrak - even those relatively short trips to Washington, Philadelphia, and Boston out of New York. It was actually faster for me to take a Greyhound express bus to go from Boston to NYC, which I thought was ridiculous.

The seats in the emergency aisles, if I'm not mistaken, are typically assigned at the last minute; I always ask for them, but have only gotten one once by giving up my assigned seat to allow a group going to Hawaii to sit together. Flying either business or first class, though, was great; I'm not a fan of American Airline's business class seating, though.

Drink plenty of water and juice (Soda? Eh... A little too easy to get dehydrated, no?), bring some music or a good book, and you're good, I feel. Economy class seats don't usually come with power outlets, which for long flights, isn't good.
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Old 2017-03-24, 00:42   Link #42
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I didn't want to start a new thread so I searched for an old one to bump and rant. So, my original flight through United Airlines was supposed to be from Ontario Airport (California, not Canada ) -> San Francisco Airport - > Narita Airport. I was supposed to fly out 3/22 and be in Japan 3:00ish PM on 3/23.

On 3/22:
My flight to SFO was delayed due to "air traffic" (whatever the f*** that means) long enough that I would miss my Japan flight out of SFO and there was only 1 flight out of SFO that day. Actually, there's only 1 flight out of SFO through UA every day. Once you miss the Japan, flight you have to wait until the next day. So, they rebooked me for 3/23 and said they would try to accommodate me with an upgrade seating once I reached SFO for my connecting flight to Japan.

Today, 3/23:
AGAIN, my SFO was delayed due to weather while I was on the aircraft and I actually had to get off the plane because I told them if I boarded, I would be in SFO for 24 hours until the flight to Japan the next day on the 3/24. So, they rebooked me SECOND time for tomorrow, 3/24 except this time it's the earliest SFO flight @ 5:45am and the agent guaranteed me that flight will fly out and not be delayed.

Unfortunately, their accommodation/compensation sucks. The agent said that she would book me to the next flight to SFO today and why not just stay overnight and take the next flight to Japan tomorrow. I told her I would have not hotel or shuttle booked. She told me she could get a "discounted" voucher to go to the hotel. I told her HELL no, why should I pay for any hotel for something that has inconvenienced me, not once, but twice?! I asked her if she could upgrade my seating for the SFO - Japan flight tomorrow, but she said she would totally due it but she does not have control on seating because SFO is not her airport and the affiliated connecting flight is Nippon Airways.

So, as of right now, I have waste 48 hours of my 14 day vacation to japan, wasted some money on airbnb (fortunately, my friends are already in Japan so I don't have to cancel my airbnb, I just pay them the difference), I've spent roughly 10 hours in the airport doing nothing but rebooking and waiting, AND to top it off, I currently have ZERO compensation at this time. The agent said that I would "hopefully" get upgraded seating in SFO, but that's only by word of mouth.


I've have been flying a couple times already the past year, but this by far is the worst. I know it is not United Airlines's fault for having "air traffic" and "weather" delays, but at least give me some goddamn compensation for rebooking me twice over 48 hours. Blessings to the airline agent though. No, I did not chew her out, I was calm and collected and she felt sorry for me but I raged in my mind this whole time.

Pray and/or wish for blessings for me tomorrow in that my flight is not delayed a 3rd time and that I do get upgraded seating to Japan
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Old 2017-04-12, 01:23   Link #43
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I'm not a big fan of flying, but next week I'm going to fly to Japan, I've already booked tickets at to Tokyo. Hope everything will be great. It will be my first trip to Japan!
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Old 2017-07-28, 08:41   Link #44
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I like to travel and often use low cost airlines. But the resource above mentioned does not show any offers of the lc companies. So, as for me it is useless.
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Old 2017-07-29, 02:43   Link #45
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If you think your airport/airline experience was bad, check out what happened to this guy:

"After spending several weeks each in Iraq and Lebanon at the end of 2008, I bought a
plane ticket to the U.S. from Beirut on December 22 and figured I had plenty of time to
get home for Christmas. I had no idea, though, that I had purchased my ticket from the
worst airline company in the world – Italy’s national carrier Alitalia – and that a two-hour
layover in Rome would turn into an ordeal that lasted longer than a week."

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