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Old 2004-07-30, 08:45   Link #1
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Bittorrent keeps hanging my PC!!

Hi guys, i have a serious problem with BT that i really need your help with. I have ran outta ideas how to resolve this hanging issue...
Here's a summary:

- used to run BT with Azureus, was downloading fine til 1-2mths ago when my Azureus program keep hanging my system for no apparent reason. Cannot remember installing any conflicting software or drivers to cause it to hang constantly.

- hanging symptoms : if BT is not activated to download files, PC works fine. But once Azureus is on, entire WinXP will hang after 20-40min of leeching. Mouse still works. But cannot click on Start button, cannot switch windows, Azureus program not responding. Tried using Task Manager to end task - doesn't work, restart PC - doesn't work. Have to forcefully press the Reset button.

- I thought Azureus is the problem. Switched to Shadows Experimental BT, still hangs after 20-40min of downloading.

- Last week formatted HDD and reinstalled with WinXP. Updated with windows update, firewall & antivirus softwares.

- I use a different program now - ABC Bittorrent. After leeching for same period, hung again...

- I plug out my ethernet cable from my router and plug it directly to the cable modem.

- I use Maxtor PowerMax DOS program to scan my Harddisk for hardware failure, both my harddisk passed.

- Logged into WinXP, disabled firewall, disabled antivirus, disabled most of my programs except ABC torrent.

- I use a new torrent and point it to download to another location (originally downloading to Secondary Master HDD, now trying to download to Primary Master HDD), after 30min, my ABC STILL HUNG..

- cannot click start, cannot Alt+Tab windows, mouse still can move, end task all programs, Task Manager shows no program running, resource about 4-8% CPU usage, cannot restart, cannot shutdown. dunno what the heck is going on...

anybody has any idea what the heck is wrong with my PC?
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Old 2004-07-30, 09:05   Link #2
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I assume that your computer hangs when you are connected to lots of peers. You should try to solve that problem like this:

Update your ethernet card drivers and/or reduce the number of connections in the BT client settings. Unfortunately I can only tell you how to do that it Azureus:
Click on View-->Configuration. Now click on Transfer and reduce the Maximum number of connections globally to 200. Does not crash? Then raise the number to 300 and so on until you see Azureus crashing again.

If this does not solve your problems, check the event viewer in Windows XP (Start menu-->Run...-->%eventvwr.msc /s) for errors in the System tab. Look for red Xs.
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Old 2004-07-30, 11:49   Link #3
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Originally Posted by weak_pig
- Logged into WinXP, disabled firewall, disabled antivirus, disabled most of my programs except ABC torrent.
What firewall are you running. Is it ZoneAlarm 5.0?

If so, then there is a known problem running BT with ZA 5.0. The problem still occurs if you turn off ZA since the problem appears to be in the "True Vector" code (which is still active even if ZA is not running).

Downgrading to ZA 4.5 solves the problem (but you need to perform a /clean uninstall). See the sticky in the Download Help forum.
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