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Old 2004-07-31, 10:14   Link #1
Sir Baka
Junior Member
Join Date: Apr 2004
Naruto Gekito Ninja taisen 3 announced!

I believe it's set to be released by the end of the year.

Here are some scans of the new characters. <= choji and jiraya <= temari
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Old 2004-07-31, 18:47   Link #2
Join Date: Jan 2004
I hope they do more to it than just adding new characters (more specials per character maybe?) Because it looks the same as Naruto 2.

I haven't finished Naruto 2 yet, I just need to unlock Sharingan Sasuke and Orochimaru.

LOL, look at the cosplay Maito Gai at the bottom right corner of the Temari pic
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Old 2004-07-31, 23:52   Link #3
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: Angelic Layer Stadium
that's what i want to be least to be updated with the anime/manga am i rite?1?!?
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Old 2004-08-01, 03:19   Link #4
Angela Sanctisstessa
I'm a boy..K?
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yup...we need more jutsu's!!
i'm sick off seeing the same old jutsu's all over again..
but because of chidori and makyou hyosho its worth while playing naruto 2
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Old 2004-08-03, 12:22   Link #5
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Location: Totally in Japan.
It better go farther than the damn Chuunin exam arc. All the damn Naruto games go up to just past the Chuunin arc, then they end. Oh look, it's Haku and Zabuza again...BFD. We're over it already...move on...the manga has, the anime has...the games need to now.
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Old 2004-08-07, 17:29   Link #6
Team Player
Join Date: Apr 2004
Since it was just announced there isn't much information to find yet.

The only confirmed facts: All of the characters from 2 are still in (including Karasu and Akamaru), at least 3 new characters (Temari, Chouji and Jiraiya), 4-player mode will be the same as before, and there will be a team feature that uses the 3-man teams from the show.

Since they seem to be indicating some sort of team story or fighting mode (a la King of Fighters), I would suspect that the other 'missing' team members will have to be represented as well. Tenten (with Neji and Lee), Shino (with Hinata and Kiba) and Tsunade (with Jiraiya and Orochimaru). Maybe they'll put Kakashi, Gai and Iruka on a 'sensei' team.

No word or indication as to Dosu, Zaku and Kin. Or for that matter Itachi, Kabuto, Asuma, Kurenai, Shizune, the shark guy (I can never remember his name), or most of all, Sandaime Hokage!

The hard part about new jutsus or supers is that if anybody gets one, everybody has to. Balance is a hard thing to do.

edit: Kisame, the shark guy.

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Old 2004-08-11, 15:20   Link #7
The Anti-Life Equation
Join Date: Nov 2003
Although I hope they overhaul the fighting system, I seriously doubt they will do it. I have Gekito Ninja Taisen 2, and there's some stuff that just annoys me.

1. Auto-blocking needs to go, or there at least needs to be an option to turn it off.

2. Make it easier to juggle people for combos, I haven't played it in a while or read any faqs on it, but it just needs to be easier to set up people after throwing them. Just something to keep people from turtling (blocking) too much.

3. I wish the replacement-technique (combo breaker) didn't take so much chakra.

4. When in 4-player mode, it would be cool if the supers didn't go to a cutscene and just happened on the battlefield in real time (like kyuubi Naruto's beat-em-up super). Might be hard to do though.... It just gets annoying seeing the same supers over and over again, even though they're great.

5. More supers per character!!!

6. Interactive levels. Wouldn't it have been cool to knock people off the roof of the rooftop stage, and follow them down? It would be cool to have objects in the levels to interact with...

Anyway, if I were to get this, I'd need to sell my old one... would ebay be the best way????
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Old 2004-08-11, 16:58   Link #8
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Join Date: Apr 2004
With the exception of #4, it sounds like you would rather be playing Narultimate Hero, the PS2 addition to the franchise. Warning: the supers are longer, but they're interactive, so there's something to do while it plays.

You can (kind of) turn off auto-blocking in GNT. One of the handicaps disables guarding; I believe it's a 5-pointer, meaning you won't be able to use any other handicaps. Keep in mind you still have no block button, which means you will not be able to guard against anything.

Juggling isn't *that* tough, you just have to learn to launch. I can pull it off with Rock Lee, Gai-sensei, and Hinata, and Shikamaru has an infinite juggle combo that would be a game breaker if it weren't for Kawarimi. I've seen Naruto start a vicious juggle that knocked out about 2/3 of the opponent's HP before they got out of it. You have to work for them though; there's no button combo that gaurantees it like with some other fighters.

Auto-blocking and the lack of easy juggles are part of what makes this game a lot of fun for me, though, so I'll have to say that for the most part I disagree with you.
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Old 2004-10-21, 14:48   Link #9
Team Player
Join Date: Apr 2004

I mostly wanted to post the link to the official website.

Shino's in there with the other new characters at the top, so I guess he's finally confirmed. Still no word on Tsunade or Itachi.

The pic at the bottom interests me the most. It looks like instead of using seperate selections, the player will actually be able to transform Naruto into Kyuubi Naruto and Sasuke into Sharingan Sasuke in the middle of a match, similar to Lee unlocking the gates in 2. Presumably Kakashi will be able to do the same. That ought to make for some very interesting matches, and also adds some more potential to the story mode.
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