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Old 2003-11-30, 01:31   Link #1
Flash Tech
Join Date: Nov 2003
divx,xvid,wmv,realvideo,quicktime move along

Theres a new bad boy in town ;D
The new codec performs 30% better than any known video compressor codec.
vp6 codec= dvd quality at 780kbs.
at 500kbs equals vhs or analog tv.
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Old 2003-11-30, 08:59   Link #2
Wandering A.I.
エッチだ! しかたない
Join Date: Jul 2003
There was a neat comparison thread over on doom9:

General consensus seems to be that the vbr/2-pass mode is rather terrible. Quote from the on2 rep:
You'll also see that our two pass datarate control wasn't very two pass. Due to another bug we effectively ended up shooting for a much flatter datarate. This meant that the PSNR was spikey which is bad for overall PSNR.
I don't really care about PSNR, but the stories of VP6's wildly varying quality and really blurry fast scenes have more credence if they really are having trouble in vbr mode.

If they are not shooting for iso mpeg4 as it looks like, good for them. I prefer wmv9 myself and think the more proprietary codecs tend to get a benefit from not following pointless restrictions on what they can do. IIRC Divx 6 is going that direction as well.
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