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Exclamation The Story Behind Magna Carta PC: May Contain Spoilers...

Back in the thread, "Has anyone played Magna Carta PC?" Cercia highelf first posted and asked what was the story behind the game. I didn't answer since I didn't finish the game until yesterday night. WARNING: THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS SO THOSE WHO KNOW KOREAN AND DON'T KNOW KOREAN AND ARE PLAYING THE GAME, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!! Thank you. Also, my korean isn't what it used to be since I've been living in the freaking US for most of my life, so some parts can be wrong but I think I got most of it right.

An organization called the Babalon(I think thats how you spell it in English...) wants to overthrow the royal family and rule the kingdom. You are part of the fighting group that is against the Babalon and serve the royal family. Thats as general as you can get, and at the end of the game, you are to stop the activation of Magna Cartas true powers. For more information keep reading...

Ok first of all, Magna Carta is a scroll that, of course, has magical powers. It has the power to alter the minds of others. It can create a whole new set of memories, erase ones memories, switch the memories of two completely different people. The most important factor is that it can create a whole new person with another persons memory but it has to do it with a host, which would be using another persons body.
In other words, its like a person having split personalities, but each personality has its own set of memories, and a completely different body than the original hosts body.
(Here is a major spoiler...)Yes, Magna Carta is quite complicating. To show just how it works, heres a little part of the game storyplot. You all know the girl Juclecia and the girl Adora right? (I hope you do...) Well Juclecia does not exist. Its a person created by Magna Carta using Adora's body. Heres where it gets quite complicating...Adora doesn't exist either. Oh, she exists alright but the Adora you see is not her real self. It is again another character created by Magna Carta with Estella's memories.(You know Estella, the only blonde girl in the game.) But thats only when its true powers aren't activated. When activated, it can unleash very destructive powers...
Also, your not supposed to know about Magna Carta is until near the end of the game.

Ok, second, Barbalon is an old organization with the goal of overthrowing the royal family and gain complete control of the land. After ten years of being leaderless, and lost, one of its old leaders, Unwetter, returns. However, Unwetter is acting weird and is more malicious than in the past. His right and left hand people are Rose and Ferenan(They are surprised he returned but are suspicious of him since he is actting very strangely). However, no one knows what Unwetter really plans to do.

If anyone wants the ENTIRE storyplot, I'll be willing to post it or private message it to you.(It's not like I have anything better to do...Seriously...)
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