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Old 2003-12-01, 21:01   Link #21
Afflicted by the vanities
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Mithos, I repeat that porn blocking does not work and that the best way to stop kids from seeing porn is supervision. Either that or only let your sister visit a certain, small selection of websites, and block all other websites by default.
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Shii (formerly known as ashibaka)
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Old 2003-12-01, 21:13   Link #22
in silent opposition
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I see your problem. No matter what I search for on google, as long as it involves anime, hentai is usually in the top 10. Im mostly all for no censorship but a 10 year old exposed to that kind of stuff is just something that shouldnt happen. Its disgusting how many little kids Ive babysat that have confessed to me that they look at porn. The best way to keep her from that is to sit with her. Or at least routinely check on her and keep an eye on the browser history. I think theres also some search engines that have kids section that screens out that stuff but I dont know of any specific programs.
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Old 2003-12-02, 00:43   Link #23
A.S.S. Vice President
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also i was looking for naruto manga and well some...stuff.... came up if you just click on english results only itll clear a lot of the stuff out (for some reason most of the hentai/porn sites i clicked on were in itallien???)
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Old 2003-12-02, 01:18   Link #24
Darren Garrison
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You could try turning on "safe search" in Google and hope that it knows what Hentai is.
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