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Old 2004-08-14, 04:26   Link #1
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The Naruto and Hunter X Hunter comparisons need to stop.

These two series have NOTHING in common with them besides their both action and a long running series.

Holy hecks, the reason Naruto is so popular is because It's the "Hip new" thing to watch. Not to mention it is really really good, but Hunter X Hunter is the opposite.

For someone to enjoy Hunter X Hunter they need to be first off a person who loves all anime no matter how old it may look. Hunter X Hunter also starts off pretty slow. The average Naruto fan loves it for it's quick fast in your face action.

NOTHING LIKE HUNTER X HUNTER. I don't know why, but that comparison keeps ticking me off.

Are you guys honestly thinking about it or are you basing it off of what one guy started?

IMO- you will have ALOT more Hunter X Hunter fans who like Naruto than the vice versa case.
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Old 2004-08-14, 04:37   Link #2
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I'm tempted to repost everything I said comparing plot, pacing, characters and morals, just to be annoying, but that would be trolling. Not unlike creating this thread in the first place. Also not unlike suggesting KimiNozo to someone asking for a fun show. (That was you, wasn't it?)

Why are you so intent on killing HxH anyway? I get the impression that you didn't like it, and that's fine, but what's up with all the venom? Did rabid otaku dressed as Gon burglarize your house and kill you parents? 'Cuz that would just be weird.
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Old 2004-08-14, 05:13   Link #3
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I'm totally at a loss to understand what this is doing in the Suggestions Forum. Perhaps it was intended as a "suggestion" to stop comparing completely different anime? Too bad that isn't what the Suggestions Forum is for. If you had read even a single post here you would have figured out the purpose of this forum.

I'm also at a loss as to why anyone else might need to post a reply here, so rather than move it, I'll just add a sarcastic reply and close the thread.

There's not that fine a line between willing suspension of disbelief and something just being stupid.
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