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Old 2004-09-13, 07:52   Link #101
woah woah!
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Whereas yours, it comes at 10:30.
Mine comes on at 8:30..... =)
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Old 2004-09-13, 15:34   Link #102
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Originally Posted by michiru
I want to ask 4kids how they treat the captain smoker.
I suppose they'll have to start with his name and work from there. I can just picture 'Captain Lollipop' with his new power that features digitally recolored effects with a lot of big red, yellow, and purple lollies instead of smoke.

Seriously, though, if they air by the normal American schedule, it'll be 3 years before Smoker appears at all. By that time, the show will have either been cancelled or become popular enough to be established, and they may be able to get away with it. It's hard to say whether or not he'd have to be edited out as an effective advertisement. If you want, blame the tobacco companies for trying to push cigarettes on pre-teen kids during the 80s and 90s. If they hadn't been so stupid in the first place, people wouldn't have such a bug up their butt about it now.
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Old 2004-09-13, 17:10   Link #103
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It's like I said they're the most worst dub companies (we've ever known) that's ever done animes in this side of the pacific ocean. Though if it were handed over to the anime version of VIZ or Bandai. Then it'd be a different case.

Which they hire actors that we haven't heard of. And some of them do a really bad job with the acting (as oppose to the actors that do animes for VIZ, Bandai, FUNi etc.).
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