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Old 2004-10-03, 15:03   Link #21
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Flawless-anime is considering about this project and they say that they need the feedback from people to appeal to the ops of the channel. So please, if you liker Kannazuki no miko and want to see it subbed, send an e-mail to this address:
Write this as your subject: "Flawless-Anime suggestion" and give it your opinion, beg and get on your knee if you want dramatic effect ^^. Enough people and you might get yourself the subbed version of the first ep soon
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Old 2004-10-15, 15:15   Link #22
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Originally Posted by zalas
While I agree that 'zu' probably looks better, it does make it hard to diferentiate づ and ず. But, in order for romaji to flow well, it generally doesn't make it easier to differentiate things.
Although using different sets of letters to differentiate between づ and ず would help a student know whether づ and ず is used in a text, the most common romanization systems out there (Hepburn and Kunrei) don't use different sets of letters because of the similarity in pronunciation, while the Nippon system does use different sets of letters probably because of the difference in kana-character orthography.

Originally Posted by _yeah
While it's true that our current bastardized system based loosely on Hepburn with various varations between translators isn't always quite true to Japanese
You're probably the first anime fan I've met who admits that anime fans use a "bastardized system based loosely on Hepburn." I salute you!
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