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Old 2004-09-04, 14:29   Link #21
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i think everybody is forgetting a main thing....the mange is obviously a very powerful tecnique and it would definately kill the user if it's used too much...what does it mean then? it means that looking at sasuke's development in the sharigan...the sharigan improves everytime the user is put under a heavy psycological break i think that the mange is a tecnique that is a double-edged sword which inflicts mental stress on the user and the enemy....itachi obtained his mange after killing his fact he looked at his father the day when those uchihas came to question about his friend's death....

in conclusion, mange is obtainable through a big trauma....and that is what itachi might have referred he might have said that because he awakened his mange in a fight with his friend not with a family member and in this way he associated the thing with the friend's death....

about the secret room i think i have already posted my thoughts about it...although i am of the opinion that the sharigan was used for assassination purposes and mental abuse during interrogation
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Old 2004-09-04, 14:38   Link #22
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Yes, heavy emotional pain is necessary, but killing your friend is the best way, I think
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