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Old 2007-07-09, 07:19   Link #1
IIChan Translation Group
Join Date: Aug 2006
Victorian Romance Emma Bangaihen (Further Tales)

The manga for Kaoru Mori's maid-tastic Victorian Romance Emma has finished in Japan, but Mori has more noodling around to do in her Emmaverse, thus: Victorian Romance Emma Bangaihen.

It's not quite a sequel, more of a filling in of details here and there in the main story. Some chapters predate the events in the Emma manga and anime, some could be considered sequel chapters, and others take place during the main story.

Each chapter explores the motivations or simply shows a day in the life of a particular character from the story.

Find out about the romance between Doug and Kelly in their early days, or follow the adventures of Eleanor as she overcomes her heartache and begins to live again, or visit with Tasha and her family on her day off.

In the latest chapter, chapter 9, William and Hakim meet for the first time as children in the British Raj of India.

EDIT: Well, for sufficiently small values of "latest." Chapter 10 (Polly goes shopping!) and 11 (William and Emma go for a bicycle ride in the country TOO KYOOT!) have also been published. I seem to have lots of free time for some mysterious reason; I'll get to those soon.

Torrents here:

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Old 2007-07-10, 09:48   Link #2
Kempis Curious
Join Date: Nov 2003
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Thank you Whispers. Well all owe you a debt of gratitude for translating this awesome series.


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Old 2007-07-10, 21:39   Link #3
Senior Member
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Thanks for the work, whispers. I liked reading about Eleanor, and Tasha's side story wasn't so bad, and William and Hakim are really cute as kids. The rest of the side stories bored me to tears. I read Emma for Emma, after all. Can't wait for volume 11!
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Old 2007-07-11, 13:35   Link #4
Join Date: Mar 2004
Thank you here too!

I actually liked the first story the most. I found Kelly's story really touching.
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Old 2007-07-14, 09:33   Link #5
Serial mouse killer
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Location: Tokyo
Thank you for the link.
You have my gratitude ^^
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Old 2007-07-15, 05:04   Link #6
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2007
I really liked Kelly & Doug story, they are by now my fav. bangaihen story (Well i haven't read chapter 9, can't wait to see William and Hakim when they're little)

Too bad Doug has to die.....(man, it would be good if he could live a little longer so he and Kelly would at least have a child...)
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Old 2007-07-16, 11:21   Link #7
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OMG!!! chapter 9
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Old 2007-07-16, 20:10   Link #8
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Awesome. Thanks for your work. Chapter 11 sounds great
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Old 2007-07-18, 22:50   Link #9
Serial mouse killer
Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: Tokyo
I like William and Hakim's side story very much.
Tennis battles are great. Little Hakim is like the royal prince ^_^.
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Old 2007-07-27, 21:25   Link #10
IIChan Translation Group
Join Date: Aug 2006

Victorian Romance Emma Further Tales Chapter 10: "Shopping Together"

Polly and Alma go shopping. Complete with historical notes.
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Old 2007-07-30, 03:08   Link #11
IIChan Translation Group
Join Date: Aug 2006
Kaoru Mori's Victorian Romance Emma Bangaihen, along with Shirley, have been licensed:

You know the drill. All work stops, torrents are gone, etc.

It's been fun.
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