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Old 2014-07-03, 12:22   Link #701
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I have to say that even if the fillers were weirdly placed between arcs, like Itachi-san said some were interesting to watch, i personally liked some fillers like the Zanpakutou rebellion arc (was that a filler?? its been so long...)
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Old 2014-07-04, 19:47   Link #702
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Wow, somebody is salty
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Old 2014-08-10, 02:38   Link #703
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Originally Posted by sayde View Post
Ratings were already at all-time lows during the final episodes of the Deicide arc (an arc that took years to build up to). So if the ratings were already pretty abysmal by then, I think that Bleach ended up getting cut because even the canon content had proven it was losing it's fanbase to a significant degree. I mean there were literally times when the majority of us here started to feel like moments during filler arcs were far more entertaining than what was currently going in the manga.

Long story short, I'm not surprised Bleach isn't airing anymore. And I wouldn't place the blame solely on fillers. Because if an anime like Naruto could get away with airing non-stop filler for almost 100 consecutive episodes and still stay on, then Bleach could've done the same. The main problem was not enough people were looking forward to seeing the canon content.

And btw, if they were to bring back the anime now, I'm not sure the manga would have progressed far enough ahead yet. I mean based on the snail's pace this is going, I think a revival of the anime could literally catch up to where the manga is right now in one season if they really wanted to.
Sort of the reason why Inuyasha anime was cancelled because it got caught up to the manga. The anime producers wisely waited for the manga to conclude and then bring back the series as Inuyasha: The Final Act from where the original anime series left off. I do believe that the Bleach anime will return once the manga series has ended.
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Old 2016-06-06, 01:35   Link #704
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Just finished watching this anime (been meaning to for years).
I enjoyed it.

Not sure if VIZ will make more, but if they do I hope it is as enjoyable as the previous arcs.
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