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View Poll Results: Is Tsunade fit to be the fifth Hokage?
Damn right shes fit. 91 77.78%
Not for shit. 17 14.53%
I dunno... 9 7.69%
Voters: 117. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2004-09-10, 18:31   Link #41
Sabaku no Gaara
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Originally Posted by BrownRukus
Obviously she's going to be Hokage, she's the strongest in Konoha and she cares for the ppl, since she's a medcal specialist. But don't let that fool you, I would think if Orchi 100% vs Tsunade 100%, my bet would go to Orchi, even tho he underestimates his opponents, he doesn't underestimated Tsunade, so you would see orchi at his full potential and plus can't he just revive Tsunade bro (what's his name?) and Dan and use them to attack Tsunade, surley her mind would get a lil wired there.
and Nawaki..I think that's it

yeah she would flip out..and probably couldn't do first. But I don't think we've seen Tsunade fight at 100%. We've only seen a few techniques from her, and her Genesis of Rebirth is freaking amazing. But she knows the body and it's weak points a lot more than Orochimaru does, so I think is Taijutsu, she would own him. But we don't know her limit with her Ninjutsu or her Genjutsu...

also...does anyone else think it's weird that her summon is a....slug??
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Old 2004-09-10, 19:15   Link #42
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No, it comes from an old legend. A man Jiraiya, who used frog magic, his wife Tsunade, who uses slug magic. Then the villan, Orochimaru who has snake magic.
That is where Kishimoto got the names from, ect.
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Old 2004-09-11, 02:55   Link #43
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Whether you think Tsunade is strong enough or not is anyone's choice. But all in all, she's strong even if she may not be the strongest evah.

I personally believe that the end of the fight when Orochimaru that Tsuande kind of matured a lot. She's psychologically stronger than she was before, and Naruto helped her realize her loved ones' dream. She doesn't seem like the type that would end up totally ruining the village. In the anime, they showed her studying hard. That gives her points. She probably still have the urges to be tempted by gambling and drinking, but she's probably less tempted than the anime portrays her.

The slacking could deal with the sudden change in lifestyle which is a pretty big change, so I don't blame her that much.


Basically, she has the knowledge, the skill, enough strength, and just enough maturity. All she needs is some time.
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