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Old 2004-09-16, 07:54   Link #421
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Originally Posted by Hunter
Yeah it's water filled with chakra.
Well, you mean Chakra filled with water, it'd be hard for the chakra to fill that dihydrogen oxide.

On another note, one interesting thing is Kakashi still hasn't arrived to break the fight up yet. Either he still hasn't arrived, isn't going to arrive, or isn't meant to arrive till after the battle. Wonder where he is?
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Old 2004-09-16, 07:58   Link #422
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Originally Posted by scopa
Translation to the chapter 231 page:

"That red Chakura..."

"Wait... That's not chakura..."
Hmm... I get it too:

"That red chakra..."

"It's no normal chakra."
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Old 2004-09-16, 13:54   Link #423
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...about Chapter 231

Its nice to see Naruto punching him to death..and sasuke turns into some sort of a Super Saiyan but please whats NEXT!

A Fusion.?
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