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Old 2004-09-18, 00:37   Link #1
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Fav. Animation Team?

I know there are different animation teams, and definitely different types of art that comes with each (I should post a poll, but pfft). -

But mainly which one is your fav? In terms of animation, art.. fluidity (if that's a word) - anything.

I've been rewatching the earlier episodes lately.. and I must say, the team that did the episode of Naruto going Kyuubi on Haku and punching him in the face was spot- on.. everything.
If they animated the Sannin battle .. or the Kage battle the way they animated that one..

Of course it seemed that they characters got kinda fat and pudgy in the orochimaru vs. sasuke eps..

(ahh, and if this has been posted already apologies in advance)
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Old 2004-09-18, 01:45   Link #2
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clearly the best team is the one that did the first episode in the Lee vs Garaa fight and if its not some ones fav team then i have to ask what show have they been watching? cus it wasent naruto.
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Old 2004-09-18, 04:09   Link #3
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It would be neat if you start a thread like this you do a little research on what animation teams there actually are, and among what episodes they are actually divided....

Coz this will be pretty one-sided, We have nothing substational to choose from.

Gaara-rock Lee then...sheehs
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Old 2004-09-18, 05:19   Link #4
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The people who did the bit were naruto goes berserk, or the Rock lee Gaara fight.
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Old 2004-09-18, 05:53   Link #5
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I think Nara Animation always does an excellent job (they did gaara/lee)
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Old 2004-09-18, 12:54   Link #6
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Dont know the anime team name but the one who made the fight between sasuke and oro. The characters look a bit simple, but the animation and the camera movement was awesome.
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