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Old 2004-09-25, 13:03   Link #1
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Fanart Tutorial: Ways to do Adobe

For starters, theres no wrong way in using Adobe.

So here is how I Adobe my artwork. Yet I will make it fast and short as possible despite how lazy I can get I might continue this later ahahah.

1.When I start Adobe I have the image size with the L x W being 1200 x 900, 250 to 300 pixel, RGB color mode.

2.If you're scanning a drawing, scan it in color mode so that all the lines are able to be digitally seen. (just scan it with something colory if you see your lines looking rather bitmappy, or maybe its just my scanner being ghay)

3. Alright Goto> your tool box on the left and and select the Brush tool if you havent yet, Go to Window and go to the very bottom and click Brushes (or if you see it on your tab to the right) You see Brush Preset, go down and click Brush Tip Shape, make Spacing go to 0% and do this to your erasing tool, smudge, and optionally burn and dodge tool.

4. After that clean your drawing by going to Image> Adjustment>Brightness/Contrast and work your way there...then after use the erasing tool with its 0% spacing. Heres a little hotkey i use that could help make things a little faster. Hold Shift to make the erasing straight and this can be done with coloring likewise, etc.

(CONTINUED and edited)
5. Now then use this drawing as a sample.
Its light but you can easily change its darkness and brightness with the Brightness/contrast menu. After whatever then press CTRL + B and move the three dials to whatever color you prefer, or just leave it like that.

6. NOw, Press CTRL+SHift+N for a new layer. Type in Skin to label the body then press enter... and do the same for the eyes, clothes, etc.

7. Start coloring the skin on the Skin Layer like this and change the blending options to Multiply instead of Normal. Adjust the Opacity and Fills downward until you find the color of skin you like....

this is how the Multipy thing looks.

(I'm not good with explaining but heyy i triedd....)


99. Okay so now you want to color the skin with a couple types of shaded colors and bright colors, with peach, to put much realism in her skin tone you outta grab 2-3 or more darker colors of peach and slap some grayish -blue in it. For the bright side you want to slap 1- 2 light peach colors to make her face as round as much realism you want and each color has its on layer , use the blending too make them blend together as one YAh, OKay. Example:

most importantly** you would want some red blend in on the cheeks

scary huh....

100. well thats it for today...

rough sketch

fix rough
and heres a comparible adjustment i did by making the first pic at 65% Opacity+15%Fill.

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Old 2004-09-26, 23:15   Link #2
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I made an Oekaki board and its much better than fiddling with Adobe.. check it outtt, this may help improve your fanart skills, its easy and less needed of a tablet.

go here follow and post your drawings here so i can see what your aim is for Adobing or just put it for the hell of it , i put a background music of Rollergirl i edited, freking sweett (listenlisten ok alright):

here goes some stuff i didz

looks like catgirl Nuku Nuku cause of the hair.

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Old 2004-09-28, 23:41   Link #3
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Hm.... I see if i can this weekend post a little tip about Art History brush... its very powerful when it comes to shading :-P altho it depends on your style of shadowing and etc...
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Old 2004-09-29, 06:32   Link #4
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yess that'll be greattt, **ccurious**
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Old 2004-09-29, 21:02   Link #5
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I'm a big fan of the dodge and burn tools for shading, it gives a nice soft transition if you use them freehand, or you can select the area you want so shade and use them that way too.

Just remember kiddies, you can never have too many layers
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