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Old 2004-02-07, 04:31   Link #81
annoying white bat
Join Date: Jan 2004
Oh NO man. If the world was gonna go through Armageddon:

1. I am not likely to survive.
2. Then there are too many stupid people in the world. The conditions for art appreciation are thereby FORFEIT.

So I say let it ALL burn.

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Old 2004-02-07, 05:03   Link #82
Join Date: Dec 2003
Scrapped Princess
Stellvia of the universe
Get Backers
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Old 2004-02-08, 05:18   Link #83
Junior Member
Join Date: Nov 2003
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1. Future Boy Conan Would teach future generations to live in harmoniously simple agrarian communities, and that technocratic oligarchies are not the way to go -- especially when they're sitting on fault lines.

2. Stellvia of the Universe Would teach future generations to forgo building harmoniously simple agrarian communities, and instead rebuild their highly-destructive technological capabilities and unite under a single all-consuming purpose.

3. Scrapped Princess Would teach future generations to fight the alien overlords that smacked our little blue planet back into the Middle Ages, destroying all but five of our favorite anime titles.

4. Unihabited Planet Survive! Purely for the survival lessons... constructing a tree house from spare spaceship parts, how to kill man-eating plants, how to build a shower with bamboo. All necessary skills in a post-apocalyptic world.

5. Kodocha Because the Sana rap must never be allowed to die. And so that future generations would think we're all nuts.
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Old 2004-02-11, 23:30   Link #84
Junior Member
Join Date: Jan 2004
I guarantee if u don't watch these U WILL REGRET IT. If you dont or didn't watch Naruto or GTO, you don't even know what anime is!!!!

1. Naruto (Most amazing borderline of religion!!!) 70+ eps (so far)


3. Chobits (Fun, entertaining, beautiful story. I LOVE IT!!) 26 eps (i think)

4. Golden Boy (Hard to find and only 6 eps, but most hilarious anime EVER!!!)

5. Ayashi no Ceres (Great Story, captivating and Beautiful) (26 eps i think)

Listen to my advice!!
Im leading you on the perfect anime watching path, If you don't like these anime i listed then you must be RETARDED!!
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Old 2004-02-12, 00:03   Link #85
Slade xTekno
Tekkaman Blade!
Join Date: Feb 2004
Location: Bakersfield, CA, USA,
Age: 30
My Top 5 and why!

~Full Metal Panic [1st season] - The best example of anime I know of. It has almost every element of anime I can think of. Comedy. Drama. Storyline. Well developed characters. Mecha. Realistic. Fantasy. Sci-Fi. Romance. What else? Very good overall series. [no longer available subbed]

~Shingetsutan Tsukihime - My current favorite. The first serious anime I enjoyed. Very good vampire anime with twist whose plot get so deep you feel like drowning. Concise [complete story in 12 episodes]. [available by Aone []]

~Full Metal Panic Fumoffu? - The best anime comedy I have ever seen. No real story. It's just the side adventures of Sousuke and Chidori at high school. If you don't know, Sousuke grew up a guerilla fighter in Afghanistan and went to Chidori's high school to be her bodyguard [for complete story, see FMP]. It picks on the fact that Sousuke can't see the difference between the classroom and the battlefield. Also a very good satire of Japanese life. [available fansubbed. Just search]

~Read or Die OVA and Read or Dream TV - Another good example of anime. Completely unique and without peer. The OVA introduced to the anime world the ability to control paper [sounds odd, but it's awesome]. This includes, but is not limited to, making paper diamond hard [blocks bullets] , razor sharp [cuts through concrete], and making objects [swords, planes, mecha, etc.], just by holding and willing it. The OVA is a short 3 episodes and is continued by the TV series.
The TV series starts with new characters. It's sort of slow to start, but accelerates into a deep, rich storyline that links well with the OVA.
[the OVA is available on DVD in the US]
[the series is abailable fansubbed by Aone []. The cool thing is the series is currently airing in Japan, with two new episodes coming out every two weeks [the fansubs come about one week after they are aired]. So the Japanese fans are waiting almost as much as the US fans.]

~I'll update this thread once I find a fifth one good enough to put here.
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Old 2004-02-12, 13:10   Link #86
Join Date: Jan 2004
1. FLCL - Only 6 eps, but sooo worth watching again and again

2. Naruto - As long as the post apocalyptic world could still produce the rest of the series

3. Witch HUnter Robin - Sooo nice

4. Ghost in the Shell - Only if I can take the movies too.

5. Lain - lain lain lain!
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Old 2004-02-12, 16:26   Link #87
Junior Member
Join Date: Feb 2004
I normally don't post to these kind of threads, but was fascinated by some of the people's picks. Some series chosen by others are shows that would be considered torturous to view (at least to myself).
All I can say is "Long live diversity!". With diversity comes innovation, and that can't be all bad.

So for my 5-pick;
1. Full Metal Panic + Fumoffu: I'd assume we'd be able to have a series w/ all the sequels
2. Kimba the White Lion: A great show for kids and adults
3. Stellvia of the Universe: Assuming the sequel is a little tighter and lives up to the original. Note: I do agree that it drags in the last couple of episodes, but it was overall a very enjoyable series.
4. Haibane Renmai: It's too great a show to be left behind
5. Hikaru No Go: Agree with eMpTy265 that you just can't let GO disappear.

A 5-pick for the Pscyhotic!!
1. Excel Saga: I haven't actually seen this, but am pretty sure it should be here
2. Bobobo~bo Bo~bobo: This show is really whack! Martial arts nosehair indeed
3. Wandaba Style: How many tries does it take to send a rocket to the moon? The world may never know.
4. Dokkoida: Awesome show that was mostly overlooked last year. I was really bummed when it ended.
5. Kogepan: The story of burnt toast. Nuff said.

BTime's 5-pick of anime for torture!!
1. Dragonball-Z, english dubbed of course :P
2. Witch Hunter Robin: Though it is good if you want something that puts you to sleep.
3. .hack//Legend of some damn Bracelet: An utter waste of time!
4. E's Otherwise: I'm not sure why I have this burned to CD. Maybe I can give it away?
5. Yu-Gi-Oh: Make the bad man stop! It's not an Anime, it's a marketing tool.

I know that some people actually like the above 5, and to each thier own. I'm sure that there are worse out there, but this is the worst that I have been personally exposed to and can still recollect.
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Old 2004-02-13, 06:05   Link #88
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Somewhere on the blue ball we call earth
Age: 35
1: Hajime no Ippo(wnage)
2: GTO(wnage)
3: Juuni kokki (12 kingdoms)
4: Initial D
5: Naruto

Mostly feel good animes with comedy mixed with action.
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Old 2004-02-16, 20:23   Link #89
Junior Member
Join Date: Nov 2003
Full Moon wo Sagashite
Azumanga Daioh
Utena(My first love) or Sailor Moon(S & Stars)
Fruits Basket
12 Kingdoms
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Old 2004-02-16, 22:57   Link #90
A.S.S. Vice President
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: i dont know can you help me
Age: 28
anime and manga or just anime well either way

1.naruto-great just simply great (the manga is lisenced but better then the anime) action/comedy "i cant be turned into snake sh*t in a place like this"

2.hunter x hunter- a pretty serious action anime at times then other times completely over the top humor action/comedy

3. love hina- more targeted twords males in their high school years (me....) ive heard the anime isnt as good as the manga but its great romance/perverted comedy green- pretty much the same as love hina in its basic romance/perverted comedy genre gets more serious at times its only 12 episodes long and the ova isnt great but the show is hilarious

5.scrapped princess - just an amazing action anime great fights great characters great story pretty much great everything

well those are my five not in any particular order have fun

honorable mentions:
FLCL- completely insane ive watched it three times over and still dont understand it
gundam wing- awsome action things blowing up all over the place and a great story
hunter x hunter- actually now i would put this on my list but i dont know what to switch it for
tenchi and tenchi universe- good comedy anime one of the first that i watched actually
lupin III- i love this show its so simple but at the same time very deep

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Old 2004-02-17, 18:00   Link #91
Kakashi Sensei
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: USA
My favorites... hm.... I remember there was a post like this, but that was a long time ago. Wow, how things change....

In random order.......

D.N. Angel - Just so cute, with great music, and not like any other out there really.

Juuni Kokki - I have yet to finish, but I still love it.

Gilgamesh - Won't last much longer because its supposedly only going to 26, but just the same.

Wolf's Rain - Should have ended at 26. What's up with this 30 thing? Anyway, it was good while it lasted.

Naruto - Still going, and should never end! Muahahaa
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Old 2004-02-17, 19:35   Link #92
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Antwerp area, Belgium, Europa
Age: 42
If the planet would go bye bye I'd be more worried about getting a decent spaceship to get my ass outta here but here goes (I gotta have something to do on that spaceship I guess ) :

1. Love Hina : well, ... euh, ... , hmmm, ... I kinda have this thing for Motoko
2. SaishuuHeiki Kanojo : I'm always lost for a good love story
3. Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien : like I said I love this kinda stories
4. Full Metal Panic (Fumoffu) : Kaname and Sagara make a hilarious couple
5. hard to say : though choice between Naruto Ghost in the shell and NGEvangelion
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Old 2004-02-21, 00:54   Link #93
Knight, Bishop, or Rook
Join Date: Feb 2004
Location: Massachusetts, USA
Age: 30
Send a message via MSN to Rue_Spainec Send a message via Yahoo to Rue_Spainec
Thumbs up Learn from Mistakes

There must be something for future generations after the wars to learn through the relics of the destroyed world.

Evangelion Series + Movies (The Fate of Destruction is also the Joy of Rebirth)
Trigun (Revenge and anger only leads to more revenge and anger)
Escaflowne Series (You can't alter your fate but you can rise to meet it)
Metropolis (There comes a point where you can't go higher)
Mugen no Ryvius (Trust must exist both ways)

Extremely tough to create a list.
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Old 2004-02-21, 16:21   Link #94
Junior Member
Join Date: Feb 2004
in no order
haibane renmei
Figure 17
Azumanga Daioh
onegai teacher
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Old 2004-02-21, 21:36   Link #95
Senior Member
Join Date: Jan 2004
these are in no specific order:

Love Hina
Hunter x Hunter
Shaman King
ROD the TV
Hikaru No Go
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Old 2004-02-22, 14:43   Link #96
Junior Member
Join Date: Feb 2004
Location: netherlands
Age: 32
Ayashi no ceres very important
Angelic layer
Prince of tennis
Wolf's rain
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Old 2004-02-25, 11:57   Link #97
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: New York, USA
Send a message via AIM to The1Voices
1. Berserk
2. Naruto
3. Fullmetal Alchemist
4. Scrapped Princess
5. Grappler baki 1&2
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Old 2004-02-26, 19:13   Link #98
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Las Vegas
Age: 37
My picks

This is so tough to do. If 5, why not 10? Oh, well, I'll try to narrow it down:

Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X
Hajime No Ippo
Super Dimensional Fortress Macross (not the Robotech version, although I am not a Robotech hater by any means).

I would of course regret leaving Naruto, Cowboy Bebop, and most Gundam behind, but sometimes you have to make some tough choices.
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Old 2004-02-27, 08:18   Link #99
Junior Member
Join Date: Feb 2004
Mine would be

Rurouni Kenshin
Slam Dunk
Gunslinger Girl
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Old 2004-03-02, 22:52   Link #100
Generic Human
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: here
Full Metal Alchimist
Azumanga Daioh
Full Metal Panic Fumoffu
Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex
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