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Old 2004-10-11, 16:39   Link #61
Melty Snow
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Originally Posted by MidoriShinobi
Spoiler for here is a picture of a healed one:
That actually looks nice.... sans the process. Just hope anyone who does this are prepared for the consequenches...
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Old 2004-10-11, 17:00   Link #62
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Why so negative?
Art is art, and art is love, simpel as that.
Just hope it looks good when it is finished, but that must be kind of painful.
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Old 2004-10-11, 17:01   Link #63
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THe one that midori showed us actually looks ok... i could call that art. It looks just as good as a tattoo as well.

But the fact is that what Mystic Pizza (his nickname in the forums where this was first posted) did is just downright discusting. It doesn't look at all good in the first place. And he did post pictures of it about a week after it healed.... and unfortunately it didn't look at all good. They went down a bit too far, and his skin there is sort of see through now... i mean, its like bright red.. yet see through. And i see no cool pattern as well... it just looks retarded. But it is his body, and he can do whatever he wants with it. If he finds pleasure in doing stuff like that, i'm all for him doing it, but i would never want to do anything like that to my own body. Actually, i want to have a cross scar on my right bicep.. i've got one scar there already... but i don't see myself ripping it open again... lol, i guess its a foolish fantasy that will probably never happen (unless i get into another accident 0_0)

After seeing what else this guy has done, such as putting the metal bars in his arm and having the face stretch or whatever, he really likes doing the stuff that makes my stomach turn. Also, his friends all look like they do that kind of stuff too... I guess your environment influences you. I can't see myself, or any of my friends doing that kind of stuff... But i guess whatever floats your boat. I'm not one to judge.
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