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Old 2003-12-08, 15:08   Link #1
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crest of the stars

I was wondering if crest of the stars any good and if it worth my money. Most importantly how many eps are there? Animenfo says:

Crest of the Stars =>13 eps
Banner of the stars =>13 eps
Banner of the starsII =>10 eps.

Am I missing any season or eps i.e. is there any crest of the stars II & III?

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Old 2003-12-08, 16:54   Link #2
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I believe that this thread doesnt belong in this forum seeing how it is suppose to ask for suggestions on anime that is on animesuki perhaps the dvd and licensed?

Nevertheless.... I believe that crest of the stars is a great series along with banner of the stars and banner of the stars II, but you can only decide if it is a good anime by actually wacthing it. In fact a channel called Techtv, in the US at least, aired Crest of the Stars and has recently finished airing Banner of the Stars (don't know about reairing dates).

No you haven't missed on anything about there being a Crest of the Stars II and II because there never was. Yes Crest of the Stars & Banner of the Stars only has 13 episodes. banner of the stars 2 wasn't even suppose to be an actual series seeing how it was short, but it was turned into one spmehow and did great. There already is a Banner of the Stars III on manga and Banner of the Stars IV is yet to be written. Oh yea and I don't know the japanese anmes for them I know that some of them were different though.

hope that helps

EDIT: sorry I gave out incorrect information it isn't manga it is a book... I'm actually a bit confused about this so just ignore for now i will correct it when I know for sure I am more sure though that it is a book. I also believe that its pretty short.

Oh and the name is Battle Flag of the Stars and the japanese name is Seika .....ok I'll correct this later 2.

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Old 2003-12-08, 19:22   Link #3
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id love to get the manga?
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Old 2003-12-09, 04:35   Link #4
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Crest of the Stars is very good, but it's questionable whether or not it's worth your money. Ie. It depends on the person. It was very witty, funny, interesting, and well done, BUT excruciatingly slow such that you probably need a pretty good space of time before you could rewatch the series without getting annoyed. So, both a plus and a minus...

Banner of the Stars I haven't finished, but seems to be moving much slower than the first and much less interesting...
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