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Old 2003-12-12, 17:27   Link #161
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bishounen? itachi?

so...i guess girls find bags under the eyes sexy...
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Old 2003-12-12, 18:02   Link #162
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Originally Posted by Hunter
reymysteriojr you posted exactly the same post 4 hours ago in an other thread and people already answered you.

Beside, that has nothing to see with the chapter 196 so could you stop your spam?
for 1 i already said that i had posted it. and 2 i meant for it to be here. as stated. And it has something to do with it because its about neji. Just like everyone else was asking past questions in here and the other manga posts. So i apologize if mypost upset you in anyway.
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Old 2003-12-12, 19:58   Link #163
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ha neji wins ^_^ i think...... well we see spider semen go back to normal after getting hit by neji ^_^ this made my day ^_^
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Old 2003-12-12, 20:16   Link #164
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Originally Posted by reymysteriojr
Wouldnt you think it would be wrong or against the clan house rules to let hinata and neji fight each other? Because
1.) the hyuga branch should be looking out for the Main clan house. Protecting.
2.) With Neji being in the Branch and him beating someone from the Main house would make the main house look bad.
3.)Letting a branch member hurt a main house member the way Neji hurt Hinata.
It is indeed the case that Neji is supposed to be looking out for Hinata as his Dad told him to do. Naruto reminds him during the fight that he's been trying to go against his own destiny as a member of the branch family by fighting Hinata. Clearly the correct thing for Neji to do would have been to forfeit rather than face her, but I guess he couldn't resist showing off his skills against a main family member.
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