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Old 2004-10-10, 14:33   Link #1
TL to the rescue!
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Viewtiful Joe's OP/ED Songs.

Both of these songs are pretty nice but the thing is, I can't understand their Engrishy rapping(well, the ending song's Engrish part isn't rapping, neither is the 2nd Engrish part of the OP song)! :O

I try searching everywhere for the lyrics but no luck so far and aftering listening to both songs 973894793572398472093472 times, I only got about 50% of it down...

So, I'm just wondering if anyone is willing to help compile the lyrics for it. The Japanese vocal parts of the song is easy because there lyrics of it is already in the anime, but not the Engrish parts.

Songs are called:
[Brighter Side] by SaGa(avex trax)
[And You] by SaGa(avex trax) <-- This song reminds me of the song from Digimon's first movie debut(American Version) by Lan.
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