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Old 2003-12-06, 03:38   Link #1
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Talking Which Anime is good and what r they about???

Hey guys... I am new to this forum and all i have been d/l was naruto... so i was thinking if u guys know any new good animes...... what r they about???

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Old 2003-12-06, 03:51   Link #2
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This thread -> Suggestions forum
Learn to define and spell mo
Shii (formerly known as ashibaka)
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Old 2003-12-06, 04:08   Link #3
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WHO CARES......anyway.....a good anime is fullmetal alchemist. Well im i little too sleepy to summarize so i'll just tell u its really good and getting really popular. It's an action, oh, also its kinda disturbing, and scary.... o.O
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Old 2003-12-06, 05:21   Link #4
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Naruto pwn joo
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Old 2003-12-06, 05:33   Link #5
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**runs away**
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Old 2003-12-06, 05:44   Link #6
*Kyuuketsuki Otaku*
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Should be in the suggestion forum like what the others say

LoL Amok

I happen to like Avenger, I recommend it. Its kinda slow but it well worth the wait. I suggest you give it a try dl the first three episodes to see how you like it.
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Old 2003-12-06, 05:50   Link #7
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Playing Disgaea, aren't you?
Oh, I actually like Avenger, I really do. I just enjoy surfing the waves of discontent of all the others that are too critical of the series.

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Old 2003-12-06, 06:44   Link #8
Pantsu Faito!
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Avenger is good...

For me to poop on!

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Old 2003-12-06, 07:26   Link #9
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Some other good animes are Shingetsutan Tsukihime and Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien. Tsukihime is an anime about vampires and kgne is a japanese soap opera anime but still very good. Prince of Tennis is pretty good too although the later episodes suck ass and are just stupid fillers to extend the anime(probably following the manga but still).
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Old 2003-12-06, 07:50   Link #10
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you should do you're own research.

A good place to start is to look at the bittorrent pages and see how many downloads the anime has, not the # of seeders or leachers cuz those go down 50% almost the day after, and about half of that each day after.

also, check out top 100 list, and there are a lot of anime ranking lists out there.

I make a list of the top downloaded and current subs in the top 100 and go to an anime review site and see if there's a certain anime fits my genre (comedy+romance+action+ecchi =D)

Sample a the first few episodes to see if i like it, then i follow it every week. if i dont really like it, but it fits my genre, i download and burn them off 4 at a time so i dont have to remember every week to download the next episode but every month and watch 4 in a row in one sitting.

and if a series starts to go down hill, dont stick with it with hopes of it getting better or an obligation to finish the series. there's a lot of good anime out there and you dont need to be wasting your time, diskspace and bandwidth.
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