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Old 2003-12-08, 00:11   Link #1
Lord Raiden
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Suggestions for changes to forums

Just wanted to toss out some ideas for possible changes to the forums.

1. Full Metal Panic - This one could be tossed over into an "old series" catagory or something, or the contents could be merged with the fansub or general anime forums if the previous idea wouldn't work.

2. Full Metal Alchemist - This one should definately get its own forum under the series discussion group. There's not a lot of threads yet persay considering its only 9 episodes old at this point, but I do see this one getting a lot more activity soon.

3. One Piece - Since this isn't licenced and a lot of people like the series, I think it should get its own forum too cause I can see this one getting quite busy if it existed. Especially since the one piece thread in Fansubs is getting a bit big and people are avoiding it because of that.

4. Other download methods - I know this technically doesn't fit in the catagory of BitTorrent, but maybe we could add another forum to list other sources of unlicenced anime aside from BitTorrent. Things like IRC, DC++ and others. Help with downloads off of those sources and other help could be offered in there too.

That's the only changes I can think to suggest. Obviously the mods and admins would have final say on this, but I thought I'd toss my 2 cents in to see what you guys thought and to at least offer the ideas. Thanks.
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Old 2003-12-08, 01:53   Link #2
Lost in Time and Space
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gender symbols by the names again would be nice. It makes referring to people using correct pronouns easier.
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Old 2003-12-08, 13:55   Link #3
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gender symbols
i second that! i would love to get those bak! so confusing without them
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