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Old 2004-10-14, 23:04   Link #1
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Filler classification

How do you exactly classify an episode as a filler episode?

So far I collected 3 meaning of it.

1) From a website, a filler is defined as an anime episode that doesn't exist in the manga.
2) My friend says it is an episode that doesn't connect to the anime.
3) From how I see it, any episodes that doesn't add anything to the storyline is a filler.

What do you think a filler episode is?
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Old 2004-10-14, 23:20   Link #2
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You see it like I see it Flashback eps, or basicly any ep that simply recaps everything thats happened and dosent add anything, I consider filler. They're getting sneaky with it in anime though! Some filler/flashback/recap suff now comes with important plotpoints so its not really filler anymore.
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Old 2004-10-14, 23:40   Link #3
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Forget all the definitions. You only need to remember one thing:

When the audience feels an ep is useless, they will classify it as filler .
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Old 2004-10-15, 00:17   Link #4
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Originally Posted by Thelastguardian
Forget all the definitions. You only need to remember one thing:

When the audience feels an ep is useless, they will classify it as filler .
Yup, I agree - basically, it's filler if the viewer feels that they could have skipped it and not missed anything.

Edit: My original message was way too long and rambly, so here's a better way of summing up how I feel.

1. If an episode doesn't contribute anything new to the plot, people usually consider it filler.
2. People's annoyance with the filler episode can depend on how it's done and whether it feels "out of place". Does it interfere with the pacing of the show? Does it add anything to the overall story/characters?
3. The overall length of the show makes a difference on how people perceive filler. Both short series with too much filler and long series that drag due to filler are especially noticed.
4. The perception of a filler episode will always depend on the person's expectations. Whether an episode is "filler" or not isn't as important as whether or not you found it annoying.

Examples (my opinion of course):
- Lots of Filler: Kare Kano (His and Her Circumstances) in the second half, nearing the end
- Helpful Filler: Kiddy Grade Episode 16 (It was a good time to have a recap, and was well-presented. It seemed to "fit in".)
- Good Filler?: The war-story drama in Kimagure Orange Road TV (I think episode 40 or so). It was well done, and enjoyable, even though it was filler.
- Filler that was misunderstood: Da Capo music videos and sidestories - many people skipped it, would have rather had more of the main show
- A short show with filler: First half of DearS - it was as if they suddenly remembered that they needed a plot near the end (although, I still enjoyed the first half... but can understand those who didn't).
- Shows that drag due to filler: These should be self-evident...

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Old 2004-10-15, 00:24   Link #5
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How about... you combine all three of them?
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Old 2004-10-15, 00:46   Link #6
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Well, regarding combining all 3; 2 and 3 controdict each other, so it is a no go. When he means doesn't connect, it is his way of saying the episode just came out of the blue throwing the story out of way.

Example: Let say for Naruto 103-104, for those that have seen it, He consider it connects perfectly fine and logically with the rest of whatever has happened. To him that isn't a filler because it is logical and flows the story. According to his words, "It is a mission and that is their job." I, on the other hand, consider it a sidestory that have absolutely nothing to do with the main story. Even if you neglect the whole mini-arc you should still have loss nothing in terms of story progression.

As for 1, well there are some episodes that I still consider fillers but are indeed in the manga, such as the "What is behind Kakashi's mask" episode.

To relentlessflame: That was a nice analytical insight on the topic. Agreed with almost all the points made.
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Old 2006-03-12, 03:52   Link #7
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Question Fillers

You know I've been wondering, what is a filler? I mean it's when the anime does something that doeasn't follow the manga right? Filler episodes I sorta get but not filler arcs like naruto has, isn't just part of the anime then? And what about if the anime doesn't even follow the manga at all? Is it considered a filler anime or something

Sry if it sounds stupid but I'm hoping someone can answer. If I'm getting wrong tell me.
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Old 2006-03-12, 04:27   Link #8
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Filler episodes are basically what come up when an anime that has been closely following a manga suddenly has an original story (that was not in the manga at all). They put in filler to ... well, fill up time when they need to fill episodes but don't have enough manga story to add.

In the case of many really long anime (such as Shonen Jump series), filler is usually added because the anime is paced faster than the manga. The anime "catches up" to the manga's story, and since they can't just make up stuff for the MAIN story, they create side "filler" stories so that the anime can continue, giving the manga time to catch up and make more story to be animated.

Filler is usually frowned upon since it is usually pointless side stories that have nothing to do with the plot. They're often poorly written or seem very out of place, since they were not written into the original story and were not intended to be there. The horrible Naruto filler episodes are an example of this...

People also sometimes call episodes where an anime goes away from the main plot to have "side story"-ish episodes that don't really have anything to do with the story. For example, if an anime was really long and was mostly about saving the world and fighting, if they threw in a random episode where the characters went to a hot spring and played ping pong, that episode would probably be called filler, whether or not it was in the original manga.

So filler is basically a "side dish" to an anime's main story. If the filler were chopped out of the anime entirely, the story and character development wouldn't really be affected...
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Old 2006-03-12, 04:29   Link #9
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Ahh Thanks ^^
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Old 2006-03-12, 04:36   Link #10
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Yeah, thanks, domino.
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Old 2006-03-12, 04:39   Link #11
Zu Ra
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Short N Simple Disection of Fillers

Usually 3 or 4 manga chapters go on to make an anime ep.After some time for series in which manga is still running , both the anime and the manga storyline are about to run in tandem. The anime producers tend to release filler ep ( No connection to manga usually orignal stories with same chara and theme).Once a certain gap is acheived between the manga and anime they revert back to animating manga chapters.Some series shutdown all together and start again after sometime.
Fillers: Naruto Bleach
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Old 2007-03-26, 10:59   Link #12
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Originally Posted by relentlessflame View Post
Yup, I agree - basically, it's filler if the viewer feels that they could have skipped it and not missed anything.
This is why I hate filler bashers so much, and why I don't know why people are aginst them so much... because they classify anything they don't view as important as filler.

I think nothing in an anime should be ignored, even things that might not appear "important" in the grand scheme of things. And the only "true" filler is the recap eps, and even they have a point(to catch someone up that for some reason began watching the anime halfway through)

I just want everyone to acknowledge fillers to exist in-continuity, even if they suck worse than anything. To me it's illogical denial and it interferes with an otherwise relaxed discussion of that particular anime.

What I can't tolerate the most is when I mention something in discussions that so happens to be filler but still relevant to the topic and someone goes and says "it's filler, it don't count" to me.

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Old 2007-03-26, 13:15   Link #13
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The Slayers Series has like a pattern of filler eps near like episode 15-17 - their purpose is just comedy.
I loved like all the Filler eps for Slayers NEXT, they were so funny
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Old 2007-03-26, 14:43   Link #14
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Personally, I define an episode to be 'filler' when the storyline isn't originated from the original manga. This however, doesn't mean that fillers are always bad. They all just seem bad because they're constantly bashed for being unoriginal. (And some of them actually deserves some of the negative accusations, while some don't). But sometime, I see people tend to forget their 'raison d'etre'
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Old 2007-03-26, 15:09   Link #15
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Originally Posted by Geta Boshi View Post
Usually 3 or 4 manga chapters go on to make an anime ep.
That's only true for shounen manga with lots of action. Most other manga->anime adaptations are more like 2 or 1 chapter per episode.
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Old 2007-03-26, 16:47   Link #16
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Originally Posted by Thelastguardian View Post
Forget all the definitions. You only need to remember one thing:

When the audience feels an ep is useless, they will classify it as filler .
/agreed 100%. If it's boring then it's a filler.

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Old 2007-03-26, 18:22   Link #17
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I think the best definition is basically an episode of an anime that if a viewer were to miss, it would not affect their perception of the plotline, story, characters, overall etc. So obviously there will be differing opinions on what people consider "filler". But then again, in certain series there have been fillers which give made-up backstories to characters. I suppose in that case it has a more literal definition of continuing a story while waiting for manga to advance...

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Old 2007-03-27, 11:09   Link #18
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For me, fillers are episodes that can be skipped without affecting the original storyline. But we always watch them for completeness' sake.
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Old 2007-03-27, 13:42   Link #19
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Although usually people compare the anime to the manga to decide whether it's a filler episode or not, but people should remember that manga do have filler too. I don't mind fillers as long as it doesn't detract or ruin the main story.
I think for me the most definite description of a filler episode/chapter is when the story in those episode/chapter doesn't contribute anything to the main storyline.
An episode where it's showing the character past, but doesn't contribute anything to the main storyline (meaning that whether we know the past or not, it doesn't matter), it's a filler.
On the other hand, if there is an original episodes where they showed something that could made the main storyline more understandable and enjoyable, that's for me isn't a filler.
Btw, I think the one that can really judge whether an episode is a filler or not is the maker him/herself. Otherwise, it would be a subjective thing to judge an episode is filler or not.
Is Dragon Ball GT filler or not? It certainly fells different than the predecessors. If we look at the angle where they had written the story beforehand and it's a continuation of the series, than it isn't a filler. But since it feels so disconnected to the predecessors, than it is a filler.
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Old 2007-03-27, 14:36   Link #20
False Dawn
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I think, rather than being one thing, that there are two types of filler. The main one that's generally called a filler is when the anime veers from the manga or the material it was based from. This happens in varying degrees, from slight changes in characters' backgrounds or the order of events, to whole arcs and new endings being added.

Another type of filler is what may have been in the original source material, but doesn't really serve much purpose to the storyline other than perhaps enlightening us on the characters a little more.

Of course, these boundaries aren't big black lines that can't be crossed. Taking a recent example; Bleach episode 119 featured events that hasn't appeared in the manga at all (I may be wrong, I didn't read earlier chapters so it could have appeared there) and yet, I'm not sure if it can be classified as a filler because it features backstory which is actually pretty interesting and does seem to have, if not significance, then at least relevance to the current plot. But then, it wasn't in the manga, and it didn't change the outcome of the ensuing battle at all, so... I don't know. Anyone else care to comment on that one?
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