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Old 2004-10-26, 04:21   Link #1
Join Date: Jun 2004
Female-lead animes,preferably shoujo ai

I'm a shoujo ai fan,i still yet to find out the reasons i don't really like boy-girl lovey dovey. Okay,since ppl might aassociate shoujo ai as "lesbianism",we can't really find a blatant shoujo ai out there as much as hetero romance. As so,i would think that girls who play the main role in anime without having any boy-girl relationship,or the girl turned down the guy would be a good series to me.

Here's what i've watched and i would like similiar series to it ^^:
1) revolutionary girl utena- there's a guy interfering,but was defeated,the 2 main girls utena and anthy were together,sad ending for the tv serisnice ending for the movie(luckily they did the movie or else i felt like commiting suicide),totally classic !

2)maria sama ga miteru-okay,i don't need to explain more ;p.

3)Noir -yea,it doesn't seem to have any main shoujo ai there,but this is the kind of anime i'm looking for since shoujo ai series is limited. 2 main girls who are partners,no boy-girl romance involvement,nice story,awesome!

4)Madlax- good to see vanessa and elana,as well as madlax and margaret. This carossur down has been loving margaret i think,however,margaret shows no feelings for him and carossur down is just a smally fry;p

5)brother,dear brother - Err...the story is good,i would really like this anime if only the garls are drew prettier.Cause many of the girl cast looks manly,so i'll pass this one due to the art

6)steel angel kurumi 2- Fun that the angel's masters are girls now,it's so light-hearted to watch it. Girl-jealous-over-girl is very fun to watch.

7)Yami to boushi to hon no tabitito- I really like the main girl character, both the 2 girls are beautiful,and the character looks more real,sad ending though.This unrequited love is sweet yet painful,high school girl Hatsuki sets to travel in search for her love hatsumi,who's actually a magical girl and goes back to a world who she really belongs.This story is like,a human and an angel won't end up together. T_T

8)Kannazuki no miko-kannaduki or kannazuki,whatever it is ,as long as 2 pretty mikos sharing beautiful bond among them,that's it XD ! One of the main girl,chikane looks like a reincarnation of sachiko from marimite and hatsuki from yamibou. The episodes are subbing,can't wait for next episode. The main theme is pretty good,both of them loves each other ,good one,still there's a guy interfering,hope he won'd spoil the 2 girls relationship ,get out of their way,Souma!

9)uta kata- Yes,kiddy grade.Still haven't watched kiddy grade,but it's definitely already on my to-watch list. Hmm...the girls are cute,no real shoujo ai actually happened till episode 3,still ,i consider this shoujo ai.

10)Battle atheletes victory-Okay,apparently this is shoujo ai,too bad that the sports are kinda boring to me,or else this series would turn out really really great for me. Most of the cast are girls.

11)Ikkitousen-Remember ryofu and chinkyuu? Althought it seems like ryofu loves saji,but it did have a yuri scene on epiosde 7,u know ,i think ryofu is cool for what she does,although she seems straight for me,she likes to "harrass " other female character.Just because there's a girl-girl kiss scene,i would say ummm....fake shoujo ai? well,they actually kissed ,so,shoujo ai for me i guess.

I've heard a few series such as ROD the Tv ,kiddy grade,umm i wonder if tsukihime has....? Hmm,well just list it out. And i know some of you would say sailor moon and card captor sakura.I deleted card captor sakura after i watched the first few episodes,cause it reallly bored me out...-_- i have no patience at all,however,i'm regretting now (p.q) . As for sailor moon,it's most likely the anime is similiar to card captor sakura,i meant,each episode fights a monster,'s not interesting ! So can i just go ahead and watch S series or so without being lefi out?

ignore the english error,mandarin is my primary language . Looking forward to your post ^^
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Old 2004-10-26, 04:33   Link #2
Join Date: May 2004
Age: 33
Dont know about shoujo-ai or whatever... but i give you some that have girl lead characters

Kurau Phantom Memory
Bakuretsu Tenshi
Air Master
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Old 2004-10-26, 04:38   Link #3
Cybernetic Wolf
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I think you'd like Escaflowne. A schoolgirl sucked into a medevil mecha world. Mostly shonen, but there's some romance. The first half of the series is kinda weak, but once it gets going its one of my absolute favorites. I'd also endorse Read or Die TV, I think you'll love it. The 2nd and 3rd epsiodes are annoying, but stick with it and again it's one of the best animes you'll ever watch. RoD walks the border between shojo and shonen, it's very episode by episode, but I really think you'll like it.
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Old 2004-10-26, 04:55   Link #4
/Ultimate Magic Attack!!!
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Definitely Kiddy Grade, great shoujo-ai show!

Tsukihime is not what I'd call shoujo-ai or female-lead anime, it's more like a male-lead harem show XD

you can try the Bubblegum Crisis OVA and TV series

also Vampire Princess Miyu OVA and TV series

And there's Azumanga Daioh, and Avenger.
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