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Old 2009-09-27, 23:25   Link #221
velvet nightmare
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Originally Posted by CotFI2 View Post
I got so wrapped up in this manga that I read it far too quickly. So, I have some things that have been nagging me.

I liked the way that this series took the traditional cliches of harem manga and gave them a HUGE dose of character development.

1) Why didn't Kaoru just let the girls down early? He couldn't really be that dense, could he? I mean, Chika and Mayu were BLATANT. Just tell them "no" and be done with it. Letting them think he was available was just... well, cruel. And manipulative. He seemed too much like a Hanabishi...

2) Aoi... she's waaay to into the whole "perfect bride" thing. Even though the ideal is out there, it seems so... unrealistic. I am told some folks claim to know women who are similarly obsessed. However, given how psychologically broken so many of the characters are, maybe she really IS obsessive...

3) Miyabi.
Spoiler for Final book:

4) The sudden reveal of
Spoiler for Grand finale:

Still, the series did such a good job of putting real emotional content behind what would have been treated as hokey comic gimmicks in another harem manga, most of the other plot maneuvers like these seem to make some kind of sense. I have to say it's been a long time since I had such a good read... although I got sore from being choked up so long.
1) it's because of his whole 'i can never turn anyone down' attitude, and it's not like the other girls didnt have a clue either, they kind of saw it from a mile away. i guess it was a 'touchy' subject for all of them

2) it's japanese culture tbh, their families are very traditional to begin with and for someone to have their personal values match their traditions (like aoi), may be uncommon, but hardly impossible

3) i think her adoption was more of a change of formalities. since aoi has officially been married off, her official job as her guardian/educator is complete, and they always treated her as family anyways, so might as well make it official with adoption

4) the problem i have in general with kaoru is why he didnt stay with the family in the first place. yes i know they're 'evil' and all, but the thing is if he bites the bullet he gets an empire by the time he's 20 and get aoi. and he can change the hanabishi culture or even disband the whole clan if he felt like it. personally i would have done this, but you can also argue that there's a chance he wouldn't have turned out to be the same person he is now and met chika and what's her name, the maid (who are both useless imo and provide nothing more than fanservice for people who like maids in glasses and a loli)

Originally Posted by CotFI2 View Post
The more I think about this, the more I have to wonder about how much might have been just a little mixed up in translation.

1) Disownment.
Spoiler for Final book:

2) This is tougher: the use of the term "entrust".
Spoiler for Final book:

1) it's all moot, anyone can be appointed successor on paper, just like how on the hanabishi will it was 'whoever aoi chooses to marry'

2) i'm pretty sure it's 'entrust' as in full give over responsibility. firstly, kaoru goes back to using his honjou name which pretty much means he's cut his ties from hanabishi permanently. secondly, he wouldn't be living in a crappy house (well i shouldn't say crappy). which brings me to question why he didnt just get their old mansion back before handing over everything to fake kaoru, or at least a handful of cash because he's always been poor. but i guess it goes back to kaoru's 'personality' that, for example, if he found $100 on the ground he'd probably spend the whole day trying to find it's proper owner kind of deal

in any case, anyone else feel that all the 4 year later versions of the characters look really ugly? like wtf happened to their faces, they all got fatter or something. they said mayu was looking prettier but i dont see it
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Old 2009-09-27, 23:27   Link #222
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Well, it was only one chapter, and I get the feel that the sensei just want to get it over with.
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Old 2010-07-29, 13:57   Link #223
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Obvious ending is obvious...

Good read, definitely worth my time. However, I think me along with everyone else who read this could see the end coming a mile away.

I mean the whole story revolves around the fact that Kaoru and Aoi were betrothed when they were little! They're obviously going to be married at the end! The writer obviously tried to spice it up a little with the various flings Kaoru had with the other girls but none were serious enough to really deter Kaoru from marrying Aoi. Which for me would have turned this good read into a great read.

I think his little fake date with Tina came the closest but none of them became "real" roadblocks for Kaoru. Although this does tie in a lot with the fact that Kaoru is not the typical archetype in these types of mangas. He's a lot more level headed and cool and strong willed which was probably why he didn't really have roadblocks because he kept going back to Aoi.

But I mean seriously, HOW COULD YOU NOT SEE THE END!!!!??!?
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harem, romance

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