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Old 2004-11-03, 15:55   Link #1
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Is there any info on Stellvia Season 2?

I heard about this late in the Summer.. Is there any new info released about the release date/story?
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Old 2004-11-04, 01:06   Link #2
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So far, to the best of my knowledge, Stellvia 2 is just a rumor... but I could be wrong.
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Old 2004-11-04, 01:49   Link #3
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If it is true, i can assure you of 2 things: a) it will have little girls in it and b) they will cry. A LOT.
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Old 2004-11-04, 03:03   Link #4
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Boy is Google handy.

This news archive (second entry form the top) refers to an Animage article on the subject back in January.

This interview with director Tatsuo Sato featured the usual "What is your next project" question, to which he replied "I am actually making Stellvia 2 right now."

So even if there isn't much concrete information yet, it's a safe bet that this will air. As for rumors, I heard that it will pick up from where the epilogue left off, when Shima and Arisu's younger siblings arrive with the new class. And yes there will be lots of little girls that cry a lot. That's what makes it Stellvia, after all.
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Old 2004-11-06, 23:52   Link #5
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theres going to be a stellvia season 2!! yes !! . I really liked the first one. I hope it doesn't take a long time for the series the be put on the air.
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Old 2004-11-11, 09:50   Link #6
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Why does everyone say this? Stellvia isn't "little girls who cry alot". It's young women with absurdly difficult problems in every aspect of their lives, who occasionally maintain their sanity by venting their stress in screams and tears. Before jabbering about how much these girls cry, try to imagine how you would be if you were sixteen years old and both the fate of the universe and your ability to stay with the one you love depended on your being far smarter and faster than is physically possible. Not many people can deal with this for long without either losing sanity, destroying something, or bawling like a baby.
Anyway, any news on when this might air?(and if Geneon is going to grab it too soon?)
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Old 2004-11-11, 17:46   Link #7
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Chill man, I like Stellvia. If I didn't, I wouldn't follow the news about the sequal. It's just, when you look at it objectively, they are little girls and they do cry a lot. No big deal, it happens. They learn to cope with it and so do we.

And no, no air date yet, although I first heard about this some months back, so it wouldn't be unreasonable for it to be very soon.
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Old 2004-12-14, 09:30   Link #8
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hmm.. looking at this thread , looks like Stellvia 2 was removed from there. Does that mean that it was realy just a rumour?
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Old 2006-02-05, 05:00   Link #9
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Stellvia 2nd season cancelled!!!

why do they have the cancel the sequel to stellvia!! arghh thye are just going to leave the story hanging on arisa sis and shipon's bro infact shipon and kouta's relationship too... arghhh
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Old 2006-02-05, 05:06   Link #10
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Stellvia 2nd season cancelled!!

arggh arggh they cancel the sequel to stellvia!! they just leave the story hanging on arisa sis and shipon's bro together with shipon and kouta's relationship!! argh
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Old 2006-02-05, 12:04   Link #11
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And here we have another 2 year old thread on Stellvia 2 resurrected
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Old 2007-08-08, 07:42   Link #12
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lmao, guess it wasn't resurrected T.T so guess there isn't a s2 !!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO i was looking forward to it too lmao, i just finished dling a batch torrent for this series 2day and, was watching it, and by time i was on ep 15, it was 5 am, wanted to stop... but couldn't... ended up finishing the whole series =x but the ending didn't really feel like an ending :S atleast coulda ended w/ like a kiss between kouta+shima to show they're back together...well show it better =x

soooo can any1 give a definite answer to s2 or not? prolly won't b since it was suppose to b aired a while ago... lol maybe they changed their minds and decided to do sequel again? o.o im bad at researching these info, can any1 confirm ^_^

EDIT: lol guess im not that bad at researching :O but DAMIT I WANTED s2!!!%@$&#%*#$&@#$&@# info courtesy of wikipedia

Stellvia Director Tatsuo Sato has stated on his website that plans for the Stellvia sequel are now impossible due to "inner difficulties".

2005/08/10 (WED)    昨日の今日ですみません。

 あれから各方面からメール・電話をいただきまして、企画が頓挫したとはいえ“永遠に無くなった”はという ことはこの業界ではあり得ないから希望は残しておいた方が…というご意見をいただきました。確かに過激な表 現だったかもしれません。というわけでこういうことにさせて下さい。

 「宇宙のステルヴィア」の続編は不可能になってしまいました。かねてから準備していた「宇宙のステルヴィ ア2」の企画も中止、「機動戦艦ナデシコ」についても同様です。

 心配していただいた皆様、ありがとうございます。  この先の動きはこれからどうなるかまだわかりませんが、きちんと発表できるようになったらまた改めてここ に書きたいと思います。それでは──

"The continuation of Uchuu no Stellvia had become impossible.* All the pre-planning for an Uchuu no Stellvia 2 came to a halt. The same applied to Kidou Senkan Nadesico."

(*) The word is not 無理 (muri, "unfeasible"), which is normally used to indicate a situation that is locked, but possibly solvable, but 不可能 (fukanou, "impossible") - it's a much more definite term.

(Information provided by the Anime News Network and translation by babel fish and ANN forum members)

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