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Old 2004-11-08, 02:31   Link #1
The Greater Being
Join Date: Sep 2004
Age: 31
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help me in my search..

OK i have tried looking around at the different threads and i havent read anything that really makes me want to download anymore anime.. There are no places in my city for me to buy licenced anime that i haven't already rented or seen.. and quite frankly im running out of ideas about what to look for.. please suggest some anime that i might enjoy based on the list i give of animes i have seen/watched..

Neon Genesis Evangelion: this is what started it all the first anime i ever saw and i absolutely loved it.. the plot just kept me sucked in
Trigun: loved this one as well.. one of my other oldschool favourites..
.Hack//Sign: liked it.. not as much as the first two though
Cowboy Bebop: i thought it was ok seemed a little slow at points though
Samurai Deeper Kyo: i liked it, but again not as much as the first two
Hunter X Hunter: just finished watching this series.. it was great i loved it!
Naruto: my current favourite.. i wait patiently for every thursday to come so i can watch the next episode of this anime!
Bleach: just started watching this.. don't have anything set in stone so far.. but like it from what i have seen..
Berserk: haven't finished watching this yet.. plan to sometime in the future.. i loved the art.. the plot was alright to
Hikaru No Go: like it so far.. starting to feel repetative though.. only on episode 16

Those are all of the series' i am watching or have seen.. ive also seen a ton of anime movies but im really only trying to find a new series or two right now.. preferably completed ones that i can download off the Animesuki website.. if you think you know something i might be interested in PLEASE do not hesitate to post it.. ill check up on any replys later.. thanks a lot for posting (if you do)
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Old 2004-11-08, 23:45   Link #2
The Greater Being
Join Date: Sep 2004
Age: 31
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lol come on somebody must be able to suggest something for me..
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Old 2004-11-09, 00:35   Link #3
Senior Member
Join Date: Sep 2004
Location: Berkeley
well, there are a lot of completed anime series that aren't on animesuki that I can suggest for you. Action/shounen animes tends to get licensed fairly quickly.
Kenshin: Series and OVA, better than Samurai Deeper Kyo, imo. I suggest you watch at least the begining of series before turning to the OVA, but you don't really need to.
Full Metal Panic + FMP Fumoffu. First season is more action and plot oriented, and second season is pure comedy. You'll probably like 1st season more since it's got a good blend of action and comedy, which is what you seem to like.
Oner Piece: If you like HxH and Naruto, definitely check this out.
Full Metal Alchemist: Deep and rich plot, great action, some hilarious moment too. Think of it as naruto but more serious, and darker.
Scrapped Princess: If you like NGE you'll probably like this. Mecha + Fantasy +Action + even a bit of romance.

For series that you might like that can be download from animesuki, ok, this list is pretty weak, and most of it are new since action series gets licensed pretty fast.
Macross Zero and Gundam Seed Destiny: If you like mecha at all you should check these out. Zero was just completed I believe.
Mai Hime: New series, seems promising so far, about girls that got powers, magical/mecha, now that I think about, might not be your cup of tea.
Air Master: Good fights, that's about all I can say for it.
Ragnarok The Animation : It's complete and it's on animesuki. Some people like it, I don't. But This one is as close to your description as I can find, people who play the game seems to like it more than those who don't.
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Old 2004-11-09, 02:44   Link #4
The Greater Being
Join Date: Sep 2004
Age: 31
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thanks a lot for the lists you've given me i'll probably check them all out sometime this week.. as for the licenced series' i'll have to double check the video stores in town because they would be the only places i can buy/rent licensed anime.. i also live in canada so a lot of the anime that comes on stations like cartoon network or whatever im not able to see.. i find it amusing that you mentioned air master because i decided to randomly pick and download an anime series earlier on today and i almost have the entire series downloaded now.. anyways thanks a lot for your lists.. if anybody has any other suggestions they could give me then please feel free to add ^^ thank you once again
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Old 2004-11-09, 12:42   Link #5
Stupid Flanders! (Homer)
Join Date: Mar 2004
Location: Taxachussetts
Age: 33
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Heres a list of anime I watched that I thought were good in my opinion, lots of them are licensed though.

.Hack Sign+Luminality+Dusk/Legend of Twilight's Bracelet
Cowboy Bebop (series, movie)
DN Angel
Dual Parallel Trouble Adventures
End of Evangellion
Escaflowne (OVA, series)
Excel Saga
Ghost in the Shell
Ghost in the Shell Inocense
Ghost in the Shell SAC 1st GIG
Great Teacher Onizuka
Gundam Seed
Gundam Wing (series, ova)
Hunter x Hunter (series, OVAs)
Hanoukyo Maids
Initial D (All stages, waiting more of 4th stage)
Jin Roh and the Wolf Brigade
Love Hina and Love Hina Again (Series, specials)
Magical Shopping Arcade Abunbashi
Midori No Hibi
Ninja Scroll (Movie, series)
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Peace Maker Kurogane
Planet ES
Princess Mononke
Robotech (movie, series)
Rurouni Kenshin (OVAs, movie, series)
Slayers (series)
Zone of The Enders (OVA, series)
Vampire Hunter D + Bloodlust
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Old 2004-11-09, 13:57   Link #6
Join Date: Mar 2003
Age: 35
seeing that you like Trigun

try these two series...they just started this season
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