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Old 2004-11-08, 17:11   Link #1
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Trouble with .avi files (The audio is fine but the video is skipping)

Hey, a friend of mine is having troubles playing .avi files on her comp. When she said she tried it, the audio played fine yet the video was skipping parts and being choppy, the voices on it also did not line up with the video... Anyone know what could be done to remedy that problem? Is it just because of a bad computer, or is it something else? I had that same exact problem on my dads laptop with files that played fine on my own computer. Thanks
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Old 2004-11-08, 17:30   Link #2
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This is usually caused by a slow computer. What's her CPU?

The common solution for this program is to use Media Player Classic to play the videos on since it uses less computing power than anything else. (It's also one of the best and most featured players also, so she isn't loosing anything by switching.)

If that doesn't work, another problem might be a codec conflict. I'd suggest that you uninstall all codecs and install only the minimum necessary codecs. Here's my advice on that:
  • Uninstall all your codecs. Trust me. All of them:
    Uninstall DivX.
    Uninstall XviD.
    Uninstall ffdshow.
    Especially uninstall any Codec packs, They are Evil!

  • Download and install ffdshow. You'll find it listed as [Level 1] on the Media Configuration Guide.
  • Download and install the latest Matroska Lite installation.

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Old 2004-11-08, 17:33   Link #3
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Make sure she doesnt enable post proccessing if the computer is that slow.
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Old 2004-11-09, 14:19   Link #4
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It could be a codec or software player issue, but having video out of sync with sound means to me that the processor is likely struggling. I had this problem with my Pentium 550 MHz system, and even my 1.2 GHz Athlon when it's running a few or more programs. Before Windows XP, the fix was to use BSPlayer, which is as far as I know the only video player that allows you to set the process priority in itself. If you're using Windows XP (I believe 2000 would also let you do this), you can get into the task manager (alt+ctrl+delete), find the video player process (this can also be done by going to the leftmost tab, right clicking the video player, and selecting "go to process" if you're having trouble picking it out). Right click the process and set the process priority from "normal" to "above normal." In extreme cases, you can set it to "High" but I never really noticed a difference; if setting it to "above normal" didn't fix it, setting it to "high" didn't, either. Never set anything to "realtime" because it'll make your system lag terribly. Note that setting the process to anything besides normal will only last as long as the process is open; if you close your video player and open it again, Windows will have reset the priority to "Normal."

Though this fixed it for me, it won't overcome certain limitations. For example, try playing a 1024x768-resolution encode on my 550 MHz Pentium 3, and it doesn't matter if you boost the process priority or not, the system will have choppy video regardless. That's just a pure hardware limitation.
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