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Old 2004-11-11, 03:30   Link #41
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Originally Posted by socomberetta
Maybe, but there is a chance that there will be some groups willing to sub the series regardless of whether it's licensed or not.
it was a joke...
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Old 2004-11-11, 03:45   Link #42
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Subbed anime is the best. Dubbed ones take away all the originality.
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Old 2004-11-11, 03:49   Link #43
Im from Sweden ^_^
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I was just wondering...

Is there any program that lets you remove the sound file, then add your own?

I feel like doing a fan-dub of this...In swedish..>_>

With as bad voice acting as possible =P

So, yeah, any program that can be used to remove, then add sound?
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Old 2004-11-11, 09:43   Link #44
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To be totally honest, I couldn't give a fuck if Naruto was dubbed because we wouldn't get it over here anyway (UK) So obviously I would just continue to watch the subbed version via tintanet. (And no, that is not a spelling mistake.)

And when it comes to DVD they always have the option to watch it subbed anyway.

Licensing is no biggie either. Of course someone will continue to sub Naruto, it just won't be listed here thats all.
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Old 2004-11-11, 13:08   Link #45
Im from Sweden ^_^
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No one knows a software that can be used to remove sound from a file, then adding your own?


Send a PM if you know ^_^
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Old 2004-11-11, 15:09   Link #46
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Since the main characters of Naruto are kids at the age of 12, (and the target audience is also mostly children I believe?) shouldn't it be a higher risk for it being classified as a "kid's show"(compared to other animes with more mature main characters) and therefore get lamer dubbing and overall style when dubbed?
Of course, I don't know much about how japanese animation gets dubbed and shown at american TV, but that'd be my spontaneous thoght on the conditions...
Here in Sweden everything animated is immediately regarded a kid's show, heck, some channel showed South Park at afternoons for a while and South Park the movie had the age requirement of 7 when it showed on cinemas (after some media attention however, more people noticed what kind of show South Park is...), and there's still a big majority of people above 20 that think Simpsons is mere kid's show.

Not that I would consider swedish to be noteworhty worse than english at dubbing animes with, but, I'd absolutely love to see a swedish non-serious dub of Naruto, Neophos! Can't help you with programs though, sorry.
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Old 2004-11-11, 15:49   Link #47
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i hate to say this but naruto will most likly be screwed with because ever since the launcgh of thhe american shonen jump all the anime shown in there(in there manga form).
gets a 4kids dub need i say more
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Old 2004-11-11, 17:04   Link #48
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Originally Posted by ShurikenJay
I hope none of those evil companies gets ahold of Naruto. Bandai however managed to get Gundam Wing "uncut" on cartoon network. There really isn't anything in Naruto they'd have to cut its pretty clean compared to what they allowed in shows like DragonballZ. The only thing you'd have to worry about is jutsu name changes. Inuyasha's Kaze no Kizu (Wound of the Wind) was changed to Wind Scar. There's probably worse. Bandai is the best that could happen to Naruto. Saban and 4 kids are the worst. But I don't think they'd get their hands on something this popular. Cartoon Network will pay the big bucks. And then there are always DVDs where you can't lose because even if you don't like the dub, there's always the japanese version.
Well, it's fine for the most part, but there are some major sticking points which may be problems.

1) Sexy no Jutsu. Normally, they'll just cut the scenes, but the scene with Harem no Jutsu is part of the all-important first meeting with Konohamaru, someone who appears several times in the anime.

2) The whole "seal a demon within a kid thing" as well as the God of Death. Both contain majot occult elements, and are key points to the plot. I don't even WANT to know how they'll get out of that one.

3) TV-Y7 editing rules prohibits scenes that are "too intense" (I swear, I am not making this up) This leads to problems with the Hinata scene (Hinata doesn't appear much, and can be cut entirely without disturbing the story) and Rock Lee (Rock Lee is already half a buffoon, making him a full buffoon and cheapening him is just too easy.)

4) TV-Y7 also prohibits abuse of minors. How they'll get past this is, again, something I don't wish to contemplate.

The only real hope is either having a seperate uncut DVD version we could buy (4 eps per dvd, $20 per dvd, 300 eps = $1,500), getting it into Adult Swim, or having a real company handle the dubbing. However, Naruto is EXACTLY the type of show that FUNimation and 4 Kids would love to get their hands on. For them, the way to make the most money is to put it on mainstream TV, which means TV-Y7.
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Old 2004-11-11, 17:16   Link #49
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Originally Posted by Bflip
What do you think could be the worst that could happen if Naruto gets dubbed?

I can imagine going crazy if Hinata's name is changed to "Jennifer" or Kakashi's voice actor is the same guy as James from Team Rocket (Pokemon) (forgot who said that first, but it made me laugh, heh.)

Lets see what you guys can think of.

Honestly not much, other than having to pay money for watching it rather than downloading fansubs. Thats assuming whoever dubs it releases uncut versions with subtitles, but I'd only expect as much. Worst case then is that people would have DVD quality anime with possibly bad voice acting, but also with a japanese track w/ english subtitles, which wouldn't be too bad at all in my opinion.
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