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Old 2004-11-10, 23:58   Link #1
Within the Shadows
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[Manga] Theory on the Sharingan Evolution

First off, been gone awhile so missed many topics, and if this has been previously posted, then I apologize, simply delete the topic, and PM me if neccassary.

Now as to the Sharingan Evolution Theory. I think the evolution from the Basic One Tear Drop to the Mengekyou Sharingan is based entirely on friendship.

Sharingan Level 1 - To Acknowledge and Protect your Closest Friend
Sharingan Level 2 - To Save your Closest Friend
Sharingan Level 3 - To Battle your Closest Friend
Mengekyou Sharingan - To Kill your Closest Friend

I have no idea if this can actually be the case, and in-fact this theory is riddled full of holes, but I just thought of it and decided to post it and gather the opinions of others.
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Old 2004-11-11, 00:25   Link #2
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Mm. I interpret the Sharingan differently (and probably wrongly) as having the dots reflect your ability rather than the other way around - gaining new abilities after getting the dot.

...that is, first one would practice and gain the ability to xxxxx. As a result of this newfound prowess, another dot appears.

This would be in opposition to the other line of thinking - that is, you get the dot first and then new abilities magically appear.
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Old 2004-11-11, 10:22   Link #3
Genei Killua
Mashou no Tenshi
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Sasuke battled Naruto for quite a while and more than once before he got the complete sharingan.
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Old 2004-11-11, 11:59   Link #4
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Time for me to step in again!

The Sharingan may evolve under certain conditions, but it shouldn't have anything to do with friends. What Itachi probably meant was that you had to show that you would give up a very important thing to show that you wanted the power.

As for Sasuke's previous evolutions...I think it was a realization of character. The first time he used it was against a bloodline inheritor, Haku. It was most likely that he was displaying a more minor trait of the Sharingan, and thus allowed him to gain the entire trait itself.

Second evolution was a simple growth of character. He didn't believe in Itachi's words, even though they ran through his mind all the time. He wanted to prove that he would be strong without living pathetically and without clinging on to life. He was going to fight Orochimaru without fear of dying, because that's what Sasuke's original fear was...that he would die like how Itachi killed the clan.

Third evolution was a more random evolution. However, me and my friend saw it coming simply because he needed that evolution to move into the Mangekyou Sharingan level. It was more desperation because he was trying to read his moves but it was too fast and he couldn't block or counter properly. With the third level, he was able to see the attacks coming much sooner and react to them accordingly, fulfilling his needs.

Anyway, that's my input. I gave my reasoning and logical back-up, I hope you enjoy this little lecture that I seem to put out every time I post...
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