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Old 2004-11-18, 13:52   Link #1
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This ain't anime, but God knows, it's a good show.

Started watching it after about up 3, just finished ep 9 now. For those who haven't seen it, here's a brief summary:
A plane crashes into this island. Around 38 people survive, and certain people (the main characters) sort of "take charge" of the situation. There's Jack, the All American (he's a doctor), Kate (the hot chick), Sawyer (The badass), Michael (The architect/construction guy who has trouble with his son who he never knew before), Sayid (the Ex-Soldier... From the republican guard!), Hurly (the fat guy), and I forget the other guys names. There's the hunter guy who has a REALLY interesting story, there's the druggy/rocker guy, there's the Korean couple, etc.
Anyway, as they survivors of the plane crash are trying to figure out what's going on, they hear a roar from the jungle. We have NO idea what this is. It sounds somewhat metallic, yet at the same time it sounds organic. And we know it's big. Personally, I somehow got it into my mind that it was a T-Rex Gundam, or possibly the Devil Gundam a-la G Gundam. But that's just because I'm a faggy anime fan. We also have, for some reason:
Spoiler for From ep 3 or 4, I think:

Also, someone pointed out just how WEIRD it is that 38-something people survived a plane crash like that.
And the hunter guy KNOWS something is up on the island, but I won't spoil that for you.

The big thing about this show is that each episode describes one of the main character's pasts. So for example, we have Jack's past in one episode, the druggy's in another, Kate's in another, etc. The one that just aired the other day, episode 9, had Saiyid's past, which was somewhat surprising, and damn interesting. What they do is they focus on the one charcter that whole episode, with the other characters interacting to some extent or another, of course, and depending on the situations and events on the island, they have short little flash backs. It's effective, and it keeps it interesting.

Anyway, I'm sort of interesting to know if anyone else has seen this show, and what you think of it. If you have negative thoughts on it, of course, you're a lesser human being, but to those who are rational, what do you think? Good show, of course, but what comparisons can you draw (Island of Doctor Moreau (or something like that), Lord of the Flies, possibly Gilligan's Island if you're desperate), whatever.

This show is good enough to deserve a thread, and I refuse to believe that you people are so far gone that you refuse to watch good North American TV, especially considering most of you watch crappy Asian TV.

Now, go!

Oh, and here's the website:

Edit: and here are some pictures of the characters:
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Old 2004-11-18, 15:16   Link #2
Join Date: Aug 2004
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Why one wouldn't like North American TV ? I like all form of well done entertainment/media/art (save your porn jokes please). I heard about the show before but it didn't pick up my interest, it was probably just a bad summary. Now I will chech out at least the first episode and shape an own opionio.
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Old 2004-11-18, 16:26   Link #3
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I've been watching it since the first episode and am up to episode 8 right now. It's an interesting show, but so far it's been hard to understand where the writers are going with the story. Yeah, the polar bear turning up on a tropical island really was weird. When the large furry whatever started chasing them I expected it might be a mutated animal native to the island (perhaps mutated due to radiation from the island being near one of the locations used for early nuclear weapons tests). Then after shooting it they said it was a polar bear...and I thought "well, looks like more than just people are getting lost on this island". Couldn't believe a polar bear had treaded water to swim all the way to the island, so figured maybe someone or something had brought it there.
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Old 2004-11-19, 03:06   Link #4
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Sure, I've been watching it. But too much of the cast has been kind of weak on the survive theme. Really sad as they had a rather large cast to draw from. Though this will probably later turn into one of their greatest weaknesses as to where this story is turning to,.. at least for the survival weakness in the characters. And if we're lucky later, fear and rage may better help to fuel this series... at least to better temper their will to survive.

Originally Posted by AndrewLB
This show is good enough to deserve a thread, and I refuse to believe that you people are so far gone that you refuse to watch good North American TV, especially considering most of you watch crappy Asian TV.
Sadly, Lost is the only thing good (Next to Football.) remaining on North American primetime television. But this has been a good fix after finishing Uninhabited Planet Survive, which btw., isn't crappy in any way. :fingers:
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Old 2008-02-01, 19:00   Link #5
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LOST Season 4 (TV Show)

Having had a past infraction, I made sure to search for topics on TV shows and LOST as old as 2006 and couldn't find one (LOST not exactly being the most search result friendly keyword!) so I decided that a new thread is warranted!

LOST Season 4 kicked off in the USA on the 31st January 2008 on ABC at 9/8c and for UK viewers, it will be on Sky One at 9pm GMT.

Episode 1 picks up exactly where they left off at the end of season 3 and to me, it's already proving to be another mysterious season with plenty of potential.


Unfortunately due to the writers' strike, Season 4 will only be 8 episodes long.

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