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Old 2004-11-21, 16:18   Link #1
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Akai Koudan Zillion

Has anyone here watched Akai Koudan Zillion there were 2 SEGA games based
on this 31 episode anime and there were 5 and a special episode released in the USA.
I am not sure if it's all licenced in America just because 6 episodes were released.

This show was recently released on DVD in japan,
Box Set 1 (VPBY-11972) episode 1-16 and
Box Set 2 (VPBY-11973) episode 17-31.

I saw one shop trying to sell it for 207.87$ and 207.47$, but I think that shop is
selling bootlegs, so I won't say/type it's name here.
So I was wandering as I have downloaded first 4 episodes with portuguese subs
if there is anyone going to/interested in makeing english subs for it?
(I don't know any portuguese, but a little bit japanese so I got through it with
some understanding of the plot).

PS. feel free to move it, if it's supposed to be under Licenced forum.

EDIT: Great NEWS, a-classic (that did such a good job on God Mars) is going to sub all 31 episodes.

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Old 2010-04-16, 04:50   Link #2
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I watched the first episode. The story is quite simple and retarded. Maybe 10 year olds will like it but for me, fighting an interplanetary empire made of billions of identical soldiers with three guns given to foot soldier teenagers is past idiotic for a setting.

...Oh, wait, it's an 80's mecha... Ok, it is a great series.
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Old 2010-05-11, 20:38   Link #3
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I need help with retyping dub for OVA, please pm me.
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Old 2012-03-24, 22:08   Link #4
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Originally Posted by Knuckles View Post
EDIT: Great NEWS, a-classic (that did such a good job on God Mars) is going to sub all 31 episodes.
Now that it's all done. Time to enjoy.
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