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Old 2004-11-23, 16:59   Link #1
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Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Down Under
First impressions of the Nintendo DS

Inital impressions were basically: "WTF am I gonna do with a touchscreen, this is so stupid"

*goes out to buy one*
*one hour later*

Acctually the only reason you are reading this review right now, is because it's recharging.

So lets get to the good stuff.

Is it worth $200 CND? Not really...seeing as you can buy 2 game cubes for that price and 1.5 PS2s for that price. But it's only like a week's worth of work anyways (I'm a student and I live at home, working a crappy part time job) anyways.

It's alot smaller than I thought it would be.
Battery life, so far I would say around 12 hours this is playing Mario 64 DS and the metriod prime demo, with some pictochat thrown in using wireless. (have yet to try metroid prime multiplayer)

Graphics are nice, sharp, SCREENS are awsome, using the thumb band/wrist thing for the touch screen is AWSOME for analouge control and aiming.

Sound is amazing, everything is crisp, and the overall system kicks ALOT of ass.

GBA games look ALOT better on the DS than they do on the GBA SP, no joke, the screen is more vibrant, and more colorful.

This is a awsome system, if you can't afford the $200 CND wait for the price drop.

The only cons I have with it so far is, it doesn't support GBA link connections (ie to other GBA systems nor to the game cube) and it's a little bulky (although I expect a hardware revision in say 2 years to shrink it down)

The only thing that MIGHT of made this system better is, more games at launch. IT doesn't NEED an analouge stick, the touch pad is sooooooooo much better.

Overall, I also can't wait for the PSP
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Old 2004-11-23, 21:43   Link #2
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Join Date: Nov 2003
Yep, I am addicted to Super Mario 64 and More games would have been awsome.More RPGs!!
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Old 2004-11-23, 22:35   Link #3
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Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Canada, In my basement playing DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION
DS Nation!! Represent!!
The DS is amazing! I am not that in to games... I basicaly only lived off DDR for the past year and didn't play any other games that didn't require more effort than sitting and pressing buttons (eg, Bemani, Initial D etc.) however, since i experiance extreme boredom of sitting in class and watching people around me strugle with simple questions that the schoolboard made for stupid people i needed a handheld, FAST. At first I really wanted a PSP and did not suport the DS (I am somewhat of a Sony fanboy). However, due to my impacience, i decided to get the one that came out first, the DS. Even though i was very hyped up before i got the system, subconsiously i wasn't expecting much since i was so focused on the PSP. O Boy was i suprized when i got home and turned that DS on!! First of all, the graphics are AMAZING, I thought they were supose to be ALMOST as good as the 64s, From what i can see they look better (Playstation quality IMO). I was also very suprized with the Metroid game! I am the type that hates the FPS, yet i really got in to Metroid Hunters. I think it is the whole touch screen controls that make it so good. Well.... I could keep going on and on... however i am in dire need to get more stars in Mario 64 right now.

P.S. Shift_, I totaly agree with you on the game selection right now... They should have planed this out better so that there would be more games on release. And it IS too bulky (the bulge in my pocket is sooo big )
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Old 2004-11-24, 00:47   Link #4
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Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Down Under
Yea unfortuantly I can't see any way of them making it any smaller with current techology.

They MIGHT however beable to make it smaller in the future...but I can't see that happening with 2 slots for games, and 2 screens...but maybe they will pull something off a-la GBA SP.

the PSP I will get...however like most sony consoles early revisions break easy, and have massive problems, so I probally won't get that until a few months after it's realese
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