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Old 2004-06-16, 15:45   Link #81
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Originally Posted by Tofusensei
Mermaid's Scar story was not told in the TV. The general concensus was that the OAV was so well done that there was no need to redo it.

You say that then, but release Mermaid's Forest episodes 12 and 13 now.

Episodes 12 and 13 are out and they are the retelling of Chapter 3 of the Mermaids Scar manga and the Mermaid's Scar OVA. Yay! I now am only left to hope the series gets licensed so it can join my VHS of the original OVA in my collection or just flat out cave and buy the R2s. >.>;
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Old 2007-05-23, 08:49   Link #82
'Dear Elhit'
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A thousand apologies for reviving a long-dead thread.

Does anyone know where to find the translation of the ED to the Mermaid Forest series? Namely, Mizu Tamari by Kayoko?
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Old 2008-04-20, 15:13   Link #83
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Had set my sights on this one for a good while now, but never got around to watching it. Now that i finally have i must say i was missing out.

The show offers a relatively unique experience, as i have yet to watch another show that would touch upon immortality to any noteworthy degree. As such the concept was fresh and i fully enjoyed the journey of Mana and Yuta. The darker aspect it took went along with the theme nicely, creating a befitting atmosphere.

That said, the horror element felt rather underwhelming. It had potential for more, but rarely did it strike me as genuinely creepy. No thanks for this goes to the art itself, as the designs of deformed ones come across as goofy instead of creepy ... which doesn't really help with the mood. I am not the one to complain about animation usually, but in this case better designs could have went a long way in improving the experience.

Whatever passed as action was very underwhelming as well. Still frames sprinkled with some minimalistic effects to give them a motion feel rarely make for good suspense, and it didn't here either. Fighting was not really the point of the series, so i can overlook that to a degree. I wasn't really impressed with their choice to often portray blood as fluorescent red liquid. It doesn't add anything to the scene, only takes away the gritty feeling it could otherwise have. The music was rather good though, the solemn tunes enhancing the mood nicely.

The overall animation quality is not the strong point of the series indeed, but the setting and the story makes up for that. In fact the consistency of the healing powers can be argued and the storytelling felt somewhat clumsy at times, but heck - the story still makes up for it

The fact they conveniently kept running in to some mermaid related issues all the time didn't really tickle my fancy, as i would have preferred to see an episode or two that deals with their everyday life or at least some issue not involving the supernatural, but then again seeing the two were literally searching for such i can understand why it turned this way. Yuta could have died less though ... it almost felt an episode was not complete unless he died once That, and he seemed to blurt out his secret rather easily all the time.

From all the miniarcs i think i enjoyed the last one most. It had some genuinely creepy moments and the atmosphere was intense. And i really wished Mana would have strangled the little brat and then introduced him to his own axe ... not sure if he deserved any better.

I was also largely satisfied with the ending. Usually i am not the biggest fan (to say the least) of endings that don't really conclude anything, but this time it felt rather fitting. Their's wasn't a story that begged conclusion that would end everything. A rather fitting "and so it goes on" given the theme. I also highly liked the scene in last episode where Yuta came back to life in Mana's lap and she started to cry from happiness. It wasn't anything she wouldn't expect, but she still couldn't help but feel relieved by the fact that has become but an everyday part of their immortal lives, adding more emotional meaning to the scene.

My final complaint (or is that a preference ) is - i demand some romance besides that little teaser in the end! tche ..

Overall the show is a rather memorable one, if for nothing else then for its fairly unique premise. Better visuals would have gone a long way in improving the experience, but overall the story was enjoyable and one i am glad i watched. 7.5/10
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Old 2008-04-21, 03:07   Link #84
'Dear Elhit'
Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: Singapore
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Would you happen to have the translation of Mizu Tamari? I love the song even though I don't fully understand its lyrics. It sets the mood for Mermaid Forest very well. Better yet, it's one of my favourite songs to listen to while commuting to work in the morning.

I think the romance aspect was already there, but in the under-stated way that's very typical of Japanese stories. Mana does love Yuta, in her own innocent child-like way. That much was apparent in the final arc and especially in that scene you referenced. Mana's and Yuta's relationship is what kept the whole series together. Specifically in Yuta's case, it's very touching to know he wouldn't have to deal with an eternity of loneliness as long as he has Mana.

I'll agree with the criticisms of cliched plots and goofy animation. They are very much part of Rumiko Takashi's style, which hasn't aged well, I think. At the same time, I admire how she consistently manages to keep her stereotypes fresh. I put it down to her insight on human behaviour. Her characters may be stereotypical, but they retain enough elements to remind us of real people. I believe that is part of what makes her the wildly successful mangaka that she is today.
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Old 2010-05-03, 20:26   Link #85
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Wow, Takashi's earlier work really impresses me. I'm a longtime fan of Maison Ikkoku, but I hadn't gotten around to watching Mermaid's Forest until very recently (despite the fact that NoSanninWa actually recommended it to me about 6 years ago, never forgot the recommendation somehow). The show itself isn't perfect but the ambiance and moodiness of it is just top notch, honestly I can't think of a better anime in terms of setting off dark, angsty feelings. Truly a hidden gem, if anyone who reads my bump of this anime has an interest I'd definitely tell you to give it a try.
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Old 2011-06-18, 22:31   Link #86
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I'm interested in seeing this series, I take it from the tracker that the 11-13 episode TV series in 2003 is licensed

I came looking for the start of the franchise though, originating with "Rumic World" (along with Fire Tripper, Laughing Target and Maris the Chojo), that being the 56 minute 1991 OVA, which had a 1993 sequel called Mermaid's scar.

Are these two predating OVAs also licensed by the same guys who got the recent TV?
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