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Old 2004-12-23, 17:23   Link #1
Back From The Dead?
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.Mov to DVD (to play in DVD player on TV)

I have a collection of .Mov files (mostly various trailers varying from 2-4 minutes, albiet each being around 30MB) and I would like to burn them to a DVD so I can play them on my TV. I have a dual-layer DVD burner, if that's important info or not, and I am planning to play the DVD using a Playstation 2 (borrowed an illegal copy of the Shrek 2 DVD [burned] from a neighbour that played fine, so I don't know why it wouldn't work). Fancy items such as a menu are not important, but I want it so each file is a "chapter", to use the skip function effectively. So yes, which program is capable of doing this? Nero came with my burner but ... I'm having trouble figuring it all out. Quality is an issue with me, I'd prefer 1:1 quality, but aslong as it isn't as bad as those VCDs then I'm alright.

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Old 2004-12-24, 00:28   Link #2
Former Triad Typesetter
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If you're going to work with Quicktime in any great capacity, get a Mac. iDVD would have you all set in about 10 seconds. Unfortunately, you obviously have a PC, and PC developers are notoriously bad about trying to support QuickTime in their apps. QuickTime is the main media framework on the Mac—the main media framework on the PC is about 4 different things cobbled together with twine and shitty code. Good luck though.
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