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Old 2004-12-24, 09:29   Link #1
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Post Original Anime(subbed) VS FANSUB

I'm starting to wonder, with the FANSUB standard getting higher and better, is the anime company's taking us(the end-users) for granted, with poor voice over, and yet less information given then the fansubs.

For example, on a piece of paper where the stories lies, confession or something. Yet they are not Subbed, leaving us clueless at what that piece of paper meant to the story, something it is very important.

Given a choice anyone would have picked the fansubbed version(if it's legal) since they care more about our understanding, rather then just give the basic(subbing the Japanese voice).

Thus, i think it is time to introduce a reform of the original anime subbing business. They( the companies) should listen more to us, and increase their standard of subbing, and let us(end-user) feel that it is a great value of money to buy their products.

Or they would lost to the fansubbing, which in turn lead to the crackdown of fansub. Trying to getrid of competitions in this race, which they cannot beat(underground and so on).

If you can't beat them join them, i say. Increase the standard and join the rank, with better contents and win(since they are more accurate and quality). So listen here companies, improve the products PLEASE!
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Old 2004-12-24, 09:32   Link #2
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We have enough rants on this subject already thank you.
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