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Old 2005-01-04, 21:22   Link #1
Que Sera Sera
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Tactics Manga

hmm, I did a search and did not find any topic threads for Tactics manga in the manga section, so I hope that is the case. If not, gomen ne >.<

I bought Volume 1 and read it. I was wondering what other people's opinions are. I like Haruka, but the whole


Likewise, Kantarou seems too manipulative to me. Especially his relationship with Yoko and Haruka.

So, I'm not sure if I like this manga series or not because I can't get a feel for where they are taking the plot. Although I simply am drawn by the relationship between Haruka and Kantarou because Kan wants to be friends with the


but most of the time he seems to be scheming so that things will work out for his favor. Well, I will probably still buy the next volume and hope for direction in a plot ^^

What are your thoughts? I'm not sure when volume 2 will be released but I am hoping for more details from this manga (I know there is an anime out for this series too and from what I read, I don't understand why they are saying there are hints of
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Old 2005-12-19, 05:02   Link #2
Join Date: Dec 2005
Hmm... actually Kantarou isn't really that manipulative. As for me, I have read up till book 7 of Tactics. Kantarou actually did care a lot for Haruka and Youko. To me, he actually did quite a bit for them.I tink u need to continue reading :P and u will get to know it. Yep, the anime was out and the manga is still ongoing...

Haha, yesh... there is an underlying relationship between Kantarou and Haruka...but to me, it's more like 'a family history kind of relationship'... i dun tink u r missing anything in the manga, juz tt u nid to continue reading? :P

Abt the goblin under the mercy of names... hmmm, I wun tink tt it's so simple?? Juz a tot : I tink there shld be a way or sth to bypass it?? Esp when u r a strong goblin? Well, I guess tt we will only know it when there is more to come? *winks*
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Old 2005-12-19, 05:12   Link #3
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Tactics manga is serialized in the seinen(young men's) manga magazine Comic Blade.

According to the author of the manga Tactics is a shounen manga.

Genre: Shounen, Fantasy.
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