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Old 2009-04-28, 06:44   Link #221
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Such a wackily fun and sillibly enjoyable little series! A huge thumbs-up from me!
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Old 2014-05-06, 18:39   Link #222
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Finally got around to watching this show...

And I must say Shaft, you crazy diamond, you never changed.

I won't comment on whether that's a good or bad thing, because
I was entertained by Pani Poni, and that's all I really ask for.

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Old 2014-12-16, 06:12   Link #223
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Pani Poni Dash!

This anime should be one of the most well-known around, due to it introducing a new type of comedy that was only attempted a few times before, but Pani Poni Dash gave it the best effort out of all the others; the closest second is probably Azumanga Daioh, which it is compared to on more than one occasion and is also somewhat well-known actually. The manga of the anime, simply titled Pani Poni, lasted over a decade and that is quite an accomplishment. The reason of this anime being so low-key is beyond me I am also kind of upset they only got a mere twenty-six episodes out of that manga, though the anime did come out years before it was concluded so they did not have as much material to work with.

Pani Poni Dash did its own thing, which was quite simple: when you first watch the anime, it tricks you into believing it is another innocent high school comedy that follows the life of students as they play around with their new teacher. But, it takes only a few episodes more for it to completely remove that sense of innocence it had before and turn itself into something completely different! And the change is so abrupt, too.

The characters are pretty memorable, and I will leave you off with just that. Because literally, it would take too long to go about the list of them since nearly every character on the anime is a main character. I mean obviously they have a class where you want to keep the most attention too, but the other classes are actually entertaining enough to serve as the main cast. They literally introduce all of the recurring characters in the same fashion as the main ones too, so it is really hard to say if "recurring" characters are even present in this anime but, you will for sure have one character that sticks out to you once you get halfway through it. I do not want to spoil too much and will just leave you to watch the anime for yourself. But, I will leave you with something that will entertain you, if you decide to watch it: see how many male students you can count.

One thing that upsets me about this anime is how little relevance it has, as well as merchandise. I was hoping to find a t-shirt of my favorite character (whom is my avatar as of now) or at least a key chain of her but that was not possible to do. I did wind up getting a key chain of one of the main characters, and a mini-figurine too but that was pretty much it as the rest of it was pretty low quality. Oh, and I obviously bought the DVD too, which happens to be the only upside to the low relevance of this anime: less DVD sales, cheaper prices. But, naturally that is mostly thanks to people not enjoying random comedies all that much, it is usually all about dramas these days.

So, yeah that is all I have to say about it. So, if you have the time, give this one a watch; you will not regret it if you like comedies. And also, this is probably the only thread dedicated to this anime. And that is after I tried searching on here first. I mean, I found one that had quite a few replies to it, but it was from a decade ago back when it was new and the most recent reply was spaced five years from the last one. So, I guess this is kind of a resurrection thread for it in a way. And mostly my humble opinion on Pani Poni Dash that I just wanted to share over some anime forum for quite some time now ever since I saw it hope you enjoyed the read.

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comedy, shounen

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