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Old 2005-12-18, 17:04   Link #1
Join Date: Dec 2005
Ichigo and Rukia? or Ichigo and Orihime?

a common topic but very very important to bleach! lol...yeah sure
i think rukia and ichigo are gona end up together!
just cus of how they were the first main female and male charcters introdueced, therefore ive gronw a fonder attatchment to them, though theyr both as dim as each other to boot so they suit each other! lol!

what do u think/>
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Old 2005-12-18, 18:19   Link #2
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I think Rukia has a thing for Renji myself and that maybe Ichigo will wake up and realise that Orihime is rather fond of him and they'll end up together. In short;

Renji and Rukia
Ichigo and Orihime

and even maybe

Chad and Ishida :P
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Old 2005-12-18, 18:24   Link #3
The Insomniac
Join Date: Dec 2005
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I am a huge RukiaXIchigo fan. Though, I doubt they will end up together, they just don't seem like the type of people who will "share" their feelings with each other.
On the other hand, I don't mind Orihime and Ichigo getting together so much either. But I'd prefer IchigoXRukia.
Then again...Ichigo is the type of guy who is kind of "dumb in the head" when it comes to girls. I don't think he even realizes Orihime has feelings for him.
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Old 2005-12-18, 18:47   Link #4
…Nothing More
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Umm this seems like a good enough place... bit of an old thread but if you're going to bring the question of "Ichigo and Rukia?" up the content might be useful.

This post contains all the (available) posts from the previous "I wonder if Rukia and Ichigo will be a couple... [manga spoilers MUST be marked]" thread, restored thanks to the Google cache. Please DO NOT quote all of this post when replying; copy just the bits you need to refer to!

WARNING: All spoilers previously hidden individually are now exposed below this single spoiler
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Old 2005-12-18, 18:48   Link #5
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I don't think Ichigo will end up with anyone. He has Rukia but she is all professionall and it actually looks more likely that she will end up with Renji, not just because of the fact that they are childhood friends but because of recent events.

Orihime is just too clumpsy and overall I doubt she will end up with Ichigo considering he isn't the least bit attracted to her.
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Old 2005-12-18, 19:53   Link #6
I believe I can fly!
Join Date: Dec 2005
Hopefully Rukia will end up with Ichigo, just so we can see them fight over nothing. Orihime could end up with Ishida, and He could learn something new and funny about her every day(and she could learn that he's a closet pervert ).
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Old 2005-12-18, 20:33   Link #7
Join Date: Dec 2005
Ichigo/Rukia all the way!!! I won't pretend not to be bias towards Rukia. I think Orihime is cute but kinda dumb and annoying at times. But Ichigo/Rukia seems much more likely than Ichigo/Orihime. We've already seen hints at Ichigo/Rukia. They bicker and fight and it's funny. They have a zany sort of chemistry that's unique and fun to watch. Ichigo/Orihime is dull. Orihime is nice, but too soft spoken for him IMO. It would be tedious to watch. I think Orhime would be better suited with Ishida, who seems to have feelings for her. ^_^

Ichigo/Rukia lives!
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Old 2005-12-18, 20:44   Link #8
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I hope for Ichigo and Rukia to one day be a couple, but as for Orihime I'd hope she'd realize its futile to try and get between Ichigo/Rukia, and to hook up with Uryu
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Old 2005-12-18, 20:48   Link #9
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Right from the earliest chapters it was clear how much Orihime liked Ichigo, and I must say that while I think he and Rukia would make the better couple, I'm a little sad for Orihime. I don't see Uryuu as the idea partner for her myself.
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Old 2005-12-18, 22:00   Link #10
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Ichigo and his Zengatsu.

Come on guys you really don't think he's actually going to get with a chick do you? This show has never been about love interests.

If I had to vote, I'd go Ichigo x Inoue, and Renji x Rukia. However I don't see anybody hooking up with anyone.
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Old 2005-12-19, 01:21   Link #11
Remember Law of Ueki
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G4y fan service ruins most animes for me. I would perfer Ichigo and Ohime.
Rukia and Byuakuya .
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Old 2005-12-19, 02:29   Link #12
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Definitely Ichigo and Rukia. They have chemistry.
<__< Orhime...*sigh* She's cute and funny and all, but Ichigo barely notices she exists half the time.

Besides, Ichigo and Rukia understand each other alot.
Sure, Orihime understands Ichigo too...but Ichigo doesnt even have a clue about what goes on in her head.

I think Orihime and Ishida would make a better couple. Both are lonely, Orihime could make Ishida lighten up, Ishida could be the protective male figure in her life that Orihime has been looking for. I think she looks at Ichigo, being the eldest brother of two younger sisters, and he reminds her of her brother. She's probably just looking for a guy that will protect her and care for her.

Rukia on the other hand, just likes hanging out with Ichigo...I think. O___O
Spoiler for manga readers/ppl past SS arc:

Either way...RUKIA & ICHIGO ALL THE WAY!!!!
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Old 2005-12-19, 03:35   Link #13
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With that out of the way...


I'm not going to repost why just yet. (still bummed out about the entire reset)
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Old 2005-12-19, 05:47   Link #14
Kokoro Toshokan
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I want Ichigo and Rukia. They'll make a fine couple! Both a little quick-tempered. Orihime is so sweet, so girlish. I don't think she could handle Ichigo little tempers.
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Old 2005-12-19, 06:45   Link #15
Join Date: Dec 2005
i think in the soul society episodes/ chapters, they showed ishida and orihime more together...and it seems ishsida has a soft spot for i think them two are gona end up together!!!!
as in i know that the ichigo and rukia thing is a bit weary adn nobody really knows, but its for sure that ishida will grow feeling for orihime definately...dunno whetehr orihime will feel the same...but hey..unfulfilled loves are quite interesting toooooooo

kokoro, i agree although orhime can tell ichigo's mood swings she cant get to his emotions, like rukia can.... mushy analysis but c'mon from whats happened so far i dont see orihime becoming any closer to ichigo.............
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Old 2005-12-19, 08:12   Link #16
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actually, from how I look at it, right up until episode 60 that is. the relationship or not is something like this.

Don't know if I should put the spoiler tag or not. So, to be safe, I will put the spoiler tags anyway.

or something like that.
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Old 2005-12-19, 08:43   Link #17
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im not so sure whether rukia has come to realise her feelings though...i mean kaien dono was an important part of her and the resemblence between kaien dono and ichigo kinda resembles some sort of MAYBE reincarnation...but thats more admiration...whether the mentor strudent feeling that once was will evolve to love is maybe improbable..however it doesnt seem that ichigo is a complete replica of kaein, with his own kwirks and she can fall!!
whetehr he realises his own feelings is still a wonder!!
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Old 2005-12-19, 09:27   Link #18
Join Date: Dec 2005
I'm not a very big fan of IchigoxOrihime but I really like RukiaxRenji. But I have to agree with IchigoxRukia here because mainly they're stuck together, they obviously like each other ( asin friends) alot and we know where that can lead to etc etc all the stuffs ichigo has done for her. And we also know they know each other like really well, like a book and it's pages or someth like tt.

They're a really high bet imo.
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Old 2005-12-19, 16:49   Link #19
Join Date: Dec 2005

Ichigo and Rukia do have good chemistry together, but I have always seen their relationship as strictly platonic and nothing more...

I think some scenes show Ichigo and Rukia's platonic relationship very well...

Spoiler for 2 Manga pages from chapters 27 and 33. *Slight Language Warning*:

Now for the first image, Tatsuki did almost the exact same thing as Rukia (sneak out of the principals office without getting into trouble), and Ichigo called her stupid. Tastuki also took Inoue out of the office too though, and Ichigo never thought anything disparaging about Inoue.

Likewise with the "Boahaha." When Inoue did it to him Ichigo said, "It's okay. It doesn't bother me." Yet when Rukia does the exact same thing to him he thinks she is a b****.

This, IMO, shows that Ichigo is close friends with Rukia. Like Tatsuki, Keigo, and Mizuiro he thinks she is stupid/a b**** when doing something like that. With Inoue, however, he never thinks anything bad about her. Even when Inoue gives an extremely stutter filled, "Goo-goo-goodmorining!!" the only thing Ichigo says is "Y-Yeah? You look happy as always Inoue."

Ichigo has always treated Inoue better than he has any other character. He has considered Inoue close to him since before chapter 3, he notices when she is injured, he offers to walk her home, he remembers talking to Orihime about her brother and her hairpins, he recognizes Sora (Inoue's brother) after only glimpsing past Acid-wires mask for a split second (and Tatsuki has even noted how horrible Ichigo is at remembering names/faces), he brings her tea and talks to her when she was healing Jiroubo, he asks her if she was injured at all in SS, and much, much more.

IMO Ichigo has always acted in a unique way to Inoue. While he treats Rukia and Tatsuki like just one of the guys he treats Inoue in a much different way.
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Old 2005-12-19, 18:57   Link #20
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I agree that Ichigo treats Rukia like one of the guys, but he doesn't seem to have any romantic interest in Orihime either--his gentleness towards her is the way any decent boy would treat her. Orihime personality seems to dictate gentleness.
I seriously doubt that Kubo is going to pair up Ichigo with ANYONE, just because it's the nature of shounen manga to imply that a coupling may happen. I think the meaningful looks Ichigo and Rukia have given one another at crucial times in the manga point to an implied relationship, but so are there lots of hints that Orihime is CRAZY crushing on Ichigo. He seems oblivious, though.
I'm a huge IshiHime shipper--that's my bias upfront. I really do see the possibility of a relationship developing between those two because they're secondary characters and love tends to happen to secondary characters rather than the lead.
All that said, I really don't know how Kubo's going to go--he's famous for pulling fast ones. The anime seems to build up Ichigo/Rukia and Ishida/Orihime while the manga give Orihime more of a fighting chance at Ichigo, I think.
I know everyone loves Renji/Rukia--but that's doujinshi material--I doubt anything will ever come of it in the real storyline. But IshiHime--yeah, people like them; they're funny together and cute. Ichigo/Rukia is too loud and full of slapstick humor and Ichigo/Ori is kinda... well... blah and storybook.
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