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Old 2005-12-18, 16:02   Link #1
Cool as a Cucumber
Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Holland
Spoiler problem in Fansubs section [revived]

It is my opinion that this discussion should be kept to everyone's attention, so in light of the recent events I think it's important this thread rises from it's ashes.

I'll lay out the main problem:

Members have complained that in the Fansubs section of the forum, certain threads are so infested with spoilers, decent discussion is made impossible. Reason for the spoilers is the members who watch the raw episodes of a particular series. It happens quite often that fansubs of a series don't keep up with the air dates in Japan. As soon as the RAW surfaces members who can understand Japanese continue the discussion of the episodes in the thread at the expense of the fansubs watchers.

The thing is, the problem isn't solved that easily. Creating two separate threads would turn out to be too much of a hassle for the mods and simply restricting the raw discussion wouldn't be exactly fair too. Maybe future developments turn out a decent solution for the problem. For now I understand there is little that can be done, but for let the reader be know that you're not the first to notice this.
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Old 2005-12-18, 16:11   Link #2
…Nothing More
Join Date: Mar 2003
Age: 38
Do not worry, we did not forget about the issues .

We are actually in the process of reviewing the forum structure, though there is no firm time-frame, for anything changing, just yet. In any case we're still open to suggestions and debate of course, so thank you for posting the thread again
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Old 2005-12-18, 16:32   Link #3
Sexy Tornado
Join Date: Dec 2005
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Age: 39
That's something that has really been irritating me of late, particularly in threads like the old ToHeart2 and similar threads where the airings are up to 10 or more but the subs are stuck at 3 or wherever. Skipping through post after post of spoiler tags is no fun.

Well, hopefully something can be done to keep everyone happy
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