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Old 2005-12-18, 21:31   Link #1
Join Date: Dec 2005
Question for those of you from countries where hentai is banned

I believe some of you here come from countries where hentai is banned. Do you still manage to watch hentai (illegally?)? Have you ever tried to bring in hentai through the customs?
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Old 2005-12-18, 23:09   Link #2
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Don't know how long till this thread will get locked, anyway...

I can't speak for strict nations such as arab nations. I live in South East Asia where piracy is rampant.

Oh yes, piracy is supposed to be illegal
Same with prostitution
Also trafficking of children

I can find hentai along with all the other black market stuff, such as pirated Hollywood movies and smuggled Chinese goods.

The only time I ever dealt with customs was when I ordered a rare book from amazon and was shortsighted to not use Fedex/UPS/DHL. I had to pay $30 US dollars tax (30% of the total value of item). I vowed then and there never to use the postal service ever again.
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