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I don't know Japanese, and I suck in drawing, so I may as well just describe the zanpakuto and name them in English.

Zanpakuto sealed form: A pair of Wakizashi short swords. This is to allow the shinigami to attack with great speed in a chaotic and unpredictable manner.

Shikai: Torment

Takes the form of a pair of Jamadhar-class katars (meaning, it is three-bladed). The blade is black and made of bones. Every wound it inflicts will never heal naturally. Also, the pain it inflicts is both excrutiating and lasts for an eternity, a detrimental effect to its victims as it reduces their combat effectiveness.

Bankai: Perdition

Envelops the shinigami in skeletal armor, fully equipped with a draconic skeletal helmet and a tail, with a scythe-like blade on its end. The use will develop a pair of enormous skeletal claws. Skeleton ribs protects the torso. Every slash of the claws and tail will produce an effect similar to those of the Shikai, with the added bonus that the flesh it comes in contact with decays with a very rapid pace, and even develops highly ravenous maggots in the affected flesh. Allows the shinigami to launch a swarm of starving carrion flies at the target. These flies will consume the target alive.

Physical Manifestation: A skeletal dragonoid, minus the wings. The bankai form closely resembles the physical manifestation.
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but the soul still burns!
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I dont usually do this stuff, but that art page was very neat so..
shikai -
I decided on Makigai (巻貝) which just means snail.
And I do want to say Id go with 'uneru' but as fun as the word is to yell, it seems too gentle, it means to undulate, swell or roll. Still it IS a snail, cant expect it to roar out.
The shape of the shikai seems to make me think that as a Bankai it would extend and loop back on itself many times, but I cant see how useful that would be.
I refuse to let the manifestation be a snail though, far too predictable really. A lady with spiral shell armour pieces would be much better.

I just kinda let that one take shape, I didnt really put much thought into it. Maybe if I had to design one that reflected me more, Id go with a stone sword, but since I suck at drawing stone, you get a snail!

As an aside Im allergic to shellfish, does that mean I cant eat snails? =)
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ummm, to lazy to make an artpad. lol But my soul slayer will be very unique

its normal form is like a serrated wakizashi, and its name is goryu.

shikai: to summon it i call the phrase "manifest goryu" and it will release
It is a double sidded sword... On the first side, their is two blades, and the other their is three. I can seperate both blades, and when I do, those two blades will have their own name. Their names are "Gotaro", and "Gomaru"... Its special ability, is to summon mystical animals, for example: Unicorn, Pagasus, Dragons, Phoenixs, Minitaurs, Kimheras, Gargons, Cyclops, Santuars, etc... And when I seperate both blades, I can combine them together, just like Cloud in Advent Children, So it can be a 5 sided sword. And taht to, has its own name. Its name is "Gokei" That sword can shoot laser beams, and can cut through most Soul Slayers.

Bankai: Now... here comes the fun PART
My sword becomes very long, just like Sephiroths, and large, just like Cloud in Final Fantasy VII, but I can still seperate them or combine them the same way. I can make the sword spin around like a drill. My appearance gives me a cloack with a hood. Its Special Ability is to summon this large and gigantic three-headed dragon. It can control the weather, and different types of elements. It can also create an earthquake, floods, and heck even a new ice age. Each Head has its own feature. the one on the right, controls weather patterns. the one on the left controls elements, and the one in the middle can change the landscape (can turn a mountain into a live volcano, turn a river into a huge ocean, turn a hill into a giant mountain, etc). The dragon can fly, swin at great speed underwater, can go through walls, turn invisible, and change its appearance into other mystical animals, mentioned above on the shikai, but each animal contains three-heads. Its name is GoKen-KaiRyu... You may ask were i get "Go" from.. ez! Dragonball Z! ahahaha. And speaking of Dragonabll Z, when my Soul Slayer is in Bankai mode, I dont need my Soul Slayer to use different types of energy beams. I can just use my HANDS! ahahaha!

Well thats about it for now...O ONE MORE THING! My "Goryu" looks like a japanese University student, because of his uniform. He has five swords around his body. One from hsi back, two around hsi waste, one hanging vertical from his waste, and one near his ankle. He has Long red bangs, the middle part of his hair is orange, and the back part of his hair is lonh also, and its coloured yellow. Just like FIRE! He has shiny glasses, just like Ishida... this is were the human personality changes... hee has a horn, a tale, wings, sharp nales, pointy ears, very thin but slanted eyebrows, and has Green glowy eyes.

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cheez rocks
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Make your own Zanpuktou

This thread is used to make your own bleach soul slayer, as if you were a shinigami, or if you were just a human with powers. Here's an example:

Sword name: N/A (don't have one)
Abilities: Senkai: blade scatters into white hot metal filings, then filings fly around and light stuff on fire, clothes, buildings, etc. when attack is finished pieces then reform the blade
Bankai: Sword breaks into about 50 pieces, then the pieces shoot out in chosen directions and blow up. This is a finishing move only; sword takes ten minutes to regenerate.

Human: An energy sword that can cut almost anything comes out of my watch.

That one probably isn't all that great, but let's see what you guys can do.
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cheez rocks
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Crap! I forgot to mention the summons, didn't I? Oh well, the thread looks good, and as expected, I've been put to shame.
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Ok heres mine not made on art pad though but w/e...
Name: Dragon Slayer
Specialty : Kill kill and kill some more until filled with enough evil it can posses its user..

Meh and for those who do not know this is Guts's Sword from Berserk it is originally made by me which this was designed for a T Shirt to be printed. Looks good in White BTW.
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My Soul Slayer

(Don't have pics yet they will come later)

Name: Sealed: "Kumori = Shadow"
Shikai: "Kumori garandou= Shadow void"
Bankai: "Ranbou Kumori Hyoumei = Violent Shadow Manifestation"

Ok the manifestation of Kumori is a woman in all black wearing a black trenchcoat. (Picture yurichi in a black trench coat and youll be close enough, for all of you who think thats the cat get to watching subbed episodes!) Also her voice has a more commanding tone with just a slight echo on the end and a hint of what can only be described as wisdom from ages long past. Also never get her mad because she is really fast and frickin powerful (learned this the hard way when I used the Urahara method of achieving bankai.)

Sealed Form:
Nothing really special about the sealed form, standard katana form. The only remarkable feature about it is that on the side of the blade inscribed in Kanji is the phrase "In the shadows lie a doom beneath the waves of reality"

The Shikai form of my Soul slayer is one of the few that form into twin blades. They have a unique shape, but both are symetrical, they start out like a standard katana but they have a barb that splits off of the blade, at a 45 degree angle, at the hilt going away from the handle that is about 12 inches long. The main blade continues like an actual katana blade for 2 feet, then it juts out to the side for 3 inches the rights itself and continues with the standard katana curve untill the end of the sword.
Both are like this and can be attached together so that the sharp side of the blades are facing outward making a type of arrow where the points and the hilts meld into one.
They also have special abilities. When in the spearated form where there are two swords they can become coporial and reconstitute at any time, so you can basically make them go through the opponents blocking sword and the reconstitute to cut them. When thier fused though they give up that ability to be able to multiply the force of a blow, so a small tap with the flat of the blade can feel like an all out hit.

The swords disapear and are replaced with blades that are attached and surround my hands and forearms. And shadow armor thats blacker than obsidian traces up my arms to my shoulders where it meets up with multilayered pauldrons but thats the extent of the armor. Also two shadow serpent dragons appear that can disintegrate and reintegrate to dodge a blow from the opponent. They are completely independant of each other and sentient but I still am able control them.

(Also anyone who loves drawing and anime, could I enlist your help in drawing these? I couldn't to save my life)

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Oooh, a custom zanpakto topic. Let's see... Guess I'll start with Efude. It belongs to one of my OCs.

Name: Efude (Paintbrush)
Shikai command: Hozaku (Spatter)
Spirit manifestation: A little, shiny black creature like a cross between a monkey and a dragon. A 'magyn.'
Size: About 3'2" long when released, 4' 8" when sealed
Visual aid: (I'm suck at ArtPad xB)

When Efude is used to draw certain symbols on any flat surface, a golem will be created out of whatever material it was drawn on. These golems can be used to attack or defend from Hollows. There are various types.

-Cat: Quick but easily destroyed
-Boar: Durable, fast, all around good attributes
-Snake: Used to bind enemies rather than attacking
-Bird: Can be ridden, can also divebomb enemies with a kamikaze-style attack
-Panda: Strong, offensive
-Turtle/Snail: Used as shields, turtle can swim and be ridden as raft
In addition to the golem symbols, a bunch of splatters can turn into a flurry of darts. For this, it does not matter if the surface is flat or not.

A few of the symbols:
Hopefully it's obvious what they are.

Golem Rules
-Efude's ink cartride will run out after painting what equals about a mile of lines. It refills with each release
-Golems can be created from any flat, inorganic surface, provided there is enough material available to sculpt the creature's body. Therefore, doors will not work unless they are very thick doors
-Golems last an average of 2 hrs before the matter they are made of automatically returns to its previous location
-The space where Golem material is removed has a very thin timestop barrier created around it so living humans will not notice the missing material (among other things)
-Golems cannot be seen by the living because they are held together by reiatsu
-Symbols cannot be painted on wet surfaces, but the ink is waterproof when dry

None yet. Ideas?

I could go on and on about Hisagomaru's bankai too, but I don't think this is the right topic for it since it's not a fanmade sword.
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I also want to try my hand at creating... but how do I save my paintings in Artpad? I keep getting an undefined link which results in a blank canvas.
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By the way, my design would be: It's pretty worthless at the shikai stage, like hanatarou's soul slayer, but it's devastating in bankai form.
Name: I haven't thought of one yet
Command: Seek him out, "{name}"!
Analyzes the enemy. Every blow and strike by the enemy is "recorded and analyzed". Think of it as the Sharingan, but doesn't allow the user to copy, only to find patterns in attacks.
Soul Slayer resembles Hinamori's Tobiume's Shikai form - fires special seeking kidou spells which seeks out the enemy's weakness during his attacks - ie blind spots, poorly defended sectors, etc. Oh course, the duration of this ability is dependent on the user's amount of spiritual energy left.

This soul slayer is for intellectual shinigamis [since the personality of soul slayers resembles their users] - like Ishida - if he was one.
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If something similar has been done before I’m sorry, I haven’t really taken my time to read trough all of the suggestions, but this is my idea anyhow.

Dono & Setai

Dono: Dono is a one handed zanpakuto with looks resembling a normal short sword. It doesn’t contain any special features other then causing it’s opponent physical harm. What’s special with this weapon is that it gets stronger against enemies with weak spirit power, against a person who’s spirit power is relatively high (like a captain), Dono wouldn’t be able to cause much harm, but against a weak spirited opponent, Dono will slice trough it as easily as a knife trough butter.

Setai: Setai is a more special zanpakuto meant to use in combination with Dono, the sword is also resembling a short sword, but it’s slightly ethereal and has a blue, inner glow. What’s special with this sword is that it cannot cause physical injury to it’s opponent, but if it hit it’s opponent it will go straight trough any physical obstacle in the body injure their spirit power. It can be parried by another zanpakuto, but unless that happens, nothing else can stop it’s path.

Bankai: Dono and Setai are combined into a gargantuan greatsword. It looks like a larger version of Setai, but it has the ability to both injure it’s opponent and wound their spirit power at the same time. The area of the spirit attack becomes much larger as well, it doesn’t have to hit it’s target straight on in order to wound it’s spirit-power, but can just deliver a cut relatively close to it, however it won’t be as fatal as it would be from an attack that actually hits head on. In other words, there is a field of negative energies surrounding the sword, and just getting close to it is enough.

Note: Dono & Setai, as well as the Bankai (which I haven’t made a name for yet) does not “drain” enemy spirit power, it “injures”. It doesn’t make the spirit power flow out trough the enemy, but causes disruptions inside the body’s spiritual places, preventing it from functioning normally and simply damages the system that allows it to use spirit power.

What you guys think? Was getting a little tired of all these zanpakuto’s which “split themselves up into small pieces and does various things”, so incredibly Byakya rip-off :P Hope someone didn’t came up with this idea before me though, will start read trough the other posts now.
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I think i got one

Name: Midorikage(green shadow)

unreleased: looks like a normal Katana except it has a short dagger on the end of the Handle

Shikai: "Conquer!"
When it is realeased it looks like Except for the Blades being GLowing Green. Its abilities are that it can put up a sheild that absords all physical and Kidou attacks and cna send them back 2x as hard. and to do this you must spin the blade in front of you at a high rate of speed.

Name: Twin Blades Of the Green Dragon(no ways in hell i can spell that in Japanese. lol). This bankai Makes your original sword into two swords(picture below)
They Still Glow Green.

Its power makes you soo fast that you appear to just be a blur. Also its Ultimate attack is "Midori Ryu, Burakku Karyuudan" (Green Dragon, Black Dragon Missle)
It uses about half of your Energy and lets the blat out. and when they blast hits, it steals all of your opponent's energy. and leaves them Vunerable for a kill

Disadvantage: this technique gets weaker and weaker each time you use it in the same battle, and the amout of energy it takes from your opponent is less and less.

how was it? okay?
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Of all the entries on this page I like the ablities of Mangs's swords the best. Great ideas, everyone ^^

I almost forgot about Shi and Meimeiada. Both belong to other manga characters who were turned Arrancar and Shinigami my fanfic. Good lucking guessing who they are.

Name: Shi
Shikai Command: Semeru (Condemn)
Spirit Manifestation: A half-formless black beast covered in wiry tentacles. Its eyes and the inside of its mouth glow brightly white

Shi resembles a Western sword more than a katana. Its blade is completely black and looks almost like it was carved from obsidian. It is jagged on one side near the tip and is roughly 3 feet long. Its guard is shaped like a tilted parallelogram and is also black with a silver cross on it.

Despite its blade's glasslike appearence, Shi is very strong and nearly impossible to break. A wound made by Shi's jagged edge will result in an infection that spreads around the cut area and takes the form of many small black wormlike beings that swarm outward from the cut and cover part of the victim's body, usually covering one of their arms and forming a large clawlike appendage that cannot be cut. Once these 'leeches', as they are called, have taken over enough of the victim's body, Shi's weilder can control their actions. The leeches crawl into the victim's eyes, mouth, nose, ears and skull, and the victim will almost certainly die after the effect dissapates.

(I like Shi's effect a lot. Mm, leeches :L)

Name: Meimeiada (Invisible Enemy)
Shikai Command: Useru (Disappear)
Spirit Manifestation: A giant panda

Meimeiada is fairly ordinary in appearence. It is about 3' 6" long and has a fairly wide blade, about 3 inches. Its guard is white and the ends swirl in an S-shape. The hilt wrap is black and white.

Meimeiada's width and length can be changed at the will of the weilder, becoming up to 6 feet long and a foot thick (much like Ichigo's original sword). It also becomes invisible during battle. The weilder sees it as a pearly white and semitransparent. Its weight also does not change with its shape.

('Kay, so neither of these are as complicated as Efude, but I still like them both and I think they suit their weilders well. Also, neither have bankai forms. Shi can't have a bankai because it belongs on an Arrancar. Can Arrancar have bankai? I dunno.)
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Shin Zangetsu. (I may try thinking of a more "unique" one, but I like how symbolic this name is for my Zanpakutou) Yes, it sounds like a rip-off of Ichigo's Zanpakutou's name, but there's logic behind this choice. "Shin" has several meanings in Japanese, but the meaning I chose for this Zanpakutou is "true". The "zan" in Zangetsu means "cut"/"slay", and "getsu" means "moon." There's an Asian legend that the moon is symbolic for protection. Thus, the "shin" is a play on how this Zanpakutou doesn't have an actual true form since its ability is to change its shape, and the "zan" and "getsu" symbolize that it can be used for both offense and defense.

It's manifestation is that of an winged girl with with hair, white wings, and clothing mixed of black and white. This is also a bit of a play with the "shin" part, as you can't tell if the girl is supposed to represent light or dark. Thus, you can't see her true self.


It would be a pair of normal-looking twin Japanese katana. Simple, but the real treat is the ability.

The shape of the two katanas can be manipulated at will to form all kinds of shapes, but it can't increase or decrease in mass or density. The swords can combine to form a giant odachi, one or both of the katana can split into two kodachis each (naturally, having only two hands, I would only turn one katana into two kodachis at a time), they can stretch into whip weapons like Cho the Swordhunter's Orochi sword in Rurouni Kenshin, the blade can be spread out to form a shield, the two katanas can be fused end-to-end, etc.


It appears as four wings made up of spirit energy on the back of the user.

The energy from these wings allow for flight and empowers the user, increasing speed, strength, and stamina. Their main ability is to create anything, regardless of mass or density, such as claws, armor, spears, whips, shields, and more. However, this calls for great concentration on part of the user and relies on the user's spirit energy to power it, so the user can't infinitely create objects or weapons, nor create objects or weapons of infinite size.
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the wing thing ounds like chouji in his curryball thing against the sound 4
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Inspiration for Efude's bankai came to me today. I will most likely add to this later after I get some more ideas for it.

Name: Baburu Efude (Bubble Paint Brush)

Appearence: Like a giant, black bubble wand. The guard's notched-circle shape remains. Where the paintbrush tip used to be is now a diamond-shaped ring. It is roughly 4' long.

Abilities: Ink fills it automatically, and the weilder only has to wave it through the air and concentrate on the shape she wants it to be. The golems formed from these bubbles are made of a metal-hard substance that is black and metallic and nearly impossible to break or even scratch. There are several new creatures the weilder can create now, including a narwhal, a porcupine, and an octopus.
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well if this is a place to post a soul reaper here is mine


Name:urufu shiro

Origin:10th district



Division/Seat:10th division 4th seat


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Weight:200 pounds

Hair:pure white just hanging down normally


Clothing:normal Shinigami robe except it is pure white and on the back is a wolf

Physical Description:milky white skin

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Background:a master marital artist but there was a raid on his village and he had to grab the raider leader and throw himself and the raider off the cliff so he is naturally a protector so he joined the Shinigami ranks he was trained by the leader of the 10th they have a strong bond and have pledged to fight together to the death
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Personality:very with drawn and does not care much about anything you have to say unless it involves the 10th captain

Likes:reading training and working on his nonZanpakuto fighting

Dislikes:out going people and anyone e who souly realize on their Zanpakuto

and now time or his zangpa-to
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~zangpa-to~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
name:koori genkotsu
shika,effect:molds around his hands and becomes a blade or spiked kunkle buster what ever he wants

bankai:his robe turns into ice amour with the ablity to like a peice of clay and his blade is just like it is in shika and when and he moves about as fast as rock lee

no pic too hard

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The Zanpakuto I designed for Rikichi:

Name: Chouyari (butterfly spear)
Appearence: As its name suggests, Chouyari is a spear with a barbed, axelike tip that resembles a butterfly's wings.
Spirit Manifestation: Predictably, a large black butterfly with colorful patches on its wings.
Abilities: Chouyari is a time-element weapon. It slows down the time field around its weilder so that he appears as he did a few seconds ago, making his movement hard to track and his attacks hard to dodge. Coupled with an unpredictable strategy it is a formidible weapon.
Bankai: Possibly the ability to stop time altogether for short intervals while whailing on your helpless opponent xD But it's a work in progress.
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Gaaah, all the ideas are great...

I was also toying with this fanfic idea for a while: what if the zanpakutous were actually stolen from Tengoku (or whatever they call heaven in SS)? And that kami were sent to investigate if SS plans to make a rebellion against heaven (which, unlike SS, is very tolerant of tradition breaking and all other tradition things asscoiated with the way things are handled by Central 46)? Are they just buying time in order to annihilate heaven (which would make true Aizen's belief) with the weapons stolen from heaven? How do they get assigned with zanpakutou anyway (how do zanpakutou choose its wielder)?

So I came up with seimono (holy thing); which turn into zanpakutou by the time the kami in question arrives in SS in order to hide their true power.

Zanpakutou: Amanonuhoko

Appearance: in Tengoku, it's actually the hair ornament of Amaterasu Omikami (my OC), part of the 3 Sacred Treasures in her keeping. It looks like your regular pair of ornamental hair pins made of an ivory like material. In SS, it becomes a normal sized katana with white hilt, although its encased with a beautiful reiryoku fuuin (soul power seal) in the shape of a standard ancient Japanese nobleman's scabbard (with all the tassels and the works thrown in). The blade looks like it's made of glass, which "sings" if swung (reference from Kill Bill saying "singing" katana [making a beautiful humming sound when swung] are very good swords).

Shikai: It turns into a spear with a glasslike blade (both SS and Tengoku). When swung, the glasslike blade becomes like a blade of light that could slice through anything. Take note that the glass/light refers to Amaterasu's soul as pure/spotless/infinitely good, sanctifying everything it touches (it's an exorcism device of Tengoku, with a power rumored to surpass even the Soukyoku in its unsealed state; the Soukyoku is its twin, the seimono/zanpakutou of Amaterasu's older brother, Susano-o). The spear is decorated with tassels and small silver bells; its main body looks like its made of silver and bound with white chrysanthemum blade guards. Its effect casts some sort of White Wind (referring to Final Fantasy particularly VII) at the beginning of battle for all allies.

Bankai: think of the weird wings on one of the opponents of Shaman King in the Shaman Fight. It turns into an even more ornate spear, only its blade is now made of light even without swinging. The wings enfold the wielder and casts White Wind + Aura (FF fangirl anyone? ) for all allies: the Aura just ups the surrounding Shinigamis' reiatsu making them capable of using Bankai for an unlimited period of time. In the case of Amaterasu, her kami form is ultimately revealed. Amanonuhoko damages spirit power with one hit during this mode (drain all spirit power with one hit); it now becomes a total execution device (it also destroys souls with one hit). Its power was so terrible that it was constrained by Amaterasu's own reiatsu and once it was released she will die. In kami form, she could release her personal elite guard Shikigami (12 lesser gods bound to her) which take the form of small, cute sentient mechs, and her other Summons a la Garnet's Eidolon Trance. Susano-o is waiting for the day Amaterasu would die so he could use the Amanonuhoko in order to fuse it with the Soukyoku and create Izanami and Izanagi and rule over Tengoku, SS, and the human world.

Avatar: Amanonuhoko looks like a silver haired young man wearing Chinese nobleman's clothes. He is also seen toting scrolls here and there; rumor has it that he is one of the Gushoshin who records all the good deeds (the other Gushoshin is Soukyoku, which records all the bad deeds). He is extremely loyal to Amaterasu and would do anything for her. He likes tea and eating bean paste buns.


Amanonuhoko: the holy spear by which Izanami and Izanagi created the first islands of Japan.

Amaterasu Omikami: the Sun Goddess, and until the ned of the 2nd World War, thought to be the ancestor of the Japanese Imperial Family.

Izanami/ Izanagi: creator of the Japanese islands, gods.

Susano-o: God of Storms and the Seas, he is always at war with Amaterasu.

Gushoshin: twin deities, one is recording good deeds, one recording the bad deeds.

Ethereal Exiled Queen. NATCH~~~!!!
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A Soul Slayer should be effective and concentrated as possible.

Soul Slayer: Well balance sword, not too long and not too short, comes with a special sword guard. Colour is white and dark grey blue.

-The sword guard and the sword has uses. The sword guard can be use as a weapon. When the sword is pulled out of the sword guard, it produces a slashing wave or when at close, it creates an explosion. Because the projectile is used this way,the energy is much stronger than just throwing them because the sheeth accelerates the energy inside the sword,but the weapon must be recharged for 55 seconds before another one can be done, therefore user cannot cut an enemy. The sword guard fills the sword with energy that repairs the sword.

- Sword can absord energy and deflect it back at the enemy. Can collect energy either from wind,lightning,flame,raisetsu,ect,but in order to collect this energies, it must absord them from an opposing force. When the sword is fully mastered, the sword can create many types of reversible attacks, it can absord the impact of another sword and reverse it back.The sword works more as an deflector.


-The sword changes slightly,the user gains more physical attributes gaining speed and power. User now wears new clothes that give him more attributes and the sword sheeth is no more. All attacks become more precise and concentrated. User is able to absorb overwhelming amount of energy. Depending on the Users usage, he can control as much energy around him. User can now use his own energy more freely now than using the sheeth to charge the projective

Conclusion: The Soul Slayer has no weaknesses, it depends on the user and highly useful to the user. User is able to use all of his own raisetsu on himself and has no need to spent his raisetsu on projectiles.

This makes this Zanpakutou the best.
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